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Wroclaw. NIK report on the covid hospital at Rakietowa Street

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Chaotic and late actions of the Lower Silesian Voivode, lack of analyses, overestimated construction costs, and the hospital itself was illegal construction – these are the most important findings of the Supreme Audit Office, which were reached by Artur Warcholiński, a reporter of “Czarno na Białe”. The auditors examined the activities of the Lower Silesian Voivode related to the establishment and later operation of the Covid hospital at Rakietowa Street in Wrocław.

Controllers doubts NIK the very choice of location for the hospital raises temporary in Wrocław. Although officials from Lower Silesia considered six potential locations, none of the people involved in this process, as pointed out by NIK auditors, was able to clearly indicate where the idea came from that a hospital could be erected on the premises of a private congress center. It also did not result from the collected documentation, which was analyzed by the NIK auditors.

“The voivode did not organize and reliably select the location of the temporary hospital, and the actions taken in this process were not transparent. This made it impossible to confirm that the selected location was the most advantageous available solution” – concludes NIK.

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As the inspectors found out, the Lower Silesian Voivode also did not check who owns the real estate on which the temporary hospital was erected. Because the company indicated by the voivode at that time in the documents was not the owner of the land.

“The Voivode’s activity related to the preparation of the investment was chaotic, late and was not preceded by a reliable analysis” – stated the inspectors of the Chamber.

NIK: unfavorable contract, overstated costs

It was like this: the minister issued an order to establish a hospital, and the Lower Silesian Voivode concluded an agreement with an entrepreneur necessary to account for the construction and operation of the hospital. Because the hospital at Rakietowa Street was not just an adaptation of existing buildings. Two additional halls were also built for the needs of the facility. What should not have happened – emphasizes NIK. “This contract unreasonably went beyond the scope covered by the order, as it concerned, among others, the construction of new facilities, which did not result from the decision of the Minister of Health. This resulted in expenses in the amount of approx. PLN 11.4 million, which should not have been financed according to the rules applicable in this regard, the auditors said. that abolished standard building codes.

The auditors emphasize that the contract between the voivode and the entrepreneur did not protect the interests of the State Treasury, i.e. public money. And what was important were the provisions in this contract “extremely beneficial for the entrepreneur and led to uneconomical or unintended spending by the Voivode of funds from the Anti-Corruption Fund COVID-19.

As part of the activities of the temporary hospital, the hotel, which was part of the congress center, was also paid for with public money. And here the Supreme Audit Office states that there was an “excess expenditure of approx. PLN 1.2 million”. Why? As the auditors showed, the actual cost of using the rooms amounted to just over PLN 180,000. PLN, with an occupancy of four to nine people, depending on the month. Meanwhile, the Lower Silesian Voivode paid for the rent of all 52 rooms, although most of them were empty.

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According to the controllers, the costs related to the organization and operation of the temporary hospital in Wrocław totaled over PLN 79 million. NIK auditors will present details of the irregularities on Monday, January 16 at 1 p.m.

The area where a temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients operatedTVN24 archive

The deputies pointed to negligence and notified the prosecutor’s office

Earlier, the construction and functioning of the hospital was critically assessed by an internal report of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. They showed that there had been negligence “which may indicate the possibility of failure to fulfill obligations, and thus act to the detriment of the public interest.”

Members of the Civic Coalition stepped in with parliamentary scrutiny. In the second half of December last year, they sent a notification about the possibility of committing a crime by the governor of Lower Silesia, Jarosław Obremski.

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– Dignitaries from PIS tried to disavow our findings. Today, they were fully confirmed by NIK auditors. This scam at the temporary hospital shows what the power that feels absolutely unpunished is capable of. And why should they have “impunity plus”. The hospital was built on a whim, without any procedure, because the patient was not important, but the quick profit was what counted – Michał Szczerba from the Civic Coalition tells us.

– This is a textbook example of how public funds should not be spent. And at the end, the voivode presented new halls to the entrepreneur – comments MP Dariusz Joński from the KO.

The portal tvn24.pl described in mid-December behind the scenes of the liquidation of the hospital at Rakietowa Street and details of the settlement between the governor and the congress center.

Author:Artur Warcholinski, “Black and White” TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24 archive

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