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Wroclaw. One of the policemen shot in the head while transporting a wanted man has died

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On Monday, the police reported the death of a 45-year-old policeman who was wounded in the head by a firearm. The attack took place late on Friday evening on Sudecka Street in Wrocław. The second of the attacked officers is in critical condition.

From the beginning, the police said that the condition of the policemen who were attacked while transporting 44-year-old Maksymilian F. was very serious. Unfortunately, on Monday, the police confirmed that one of the injured policemen had died.

Before providing this tragic information, the press office of the Provincial Headquarters in Wrocław informed that the men were in a critical condition and doctors were fighting for their lives.

Maksymilian F. faces life imprisonment

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Late on Saturday evening, the prosecutor’s office charged 44-year-old Maksymilian F. with attempted murder of two policemen.

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F. was wanted on an arrest warrant and was to serve a six-month prison sentence for fraud. He was recognized and detained by a police patrol. Officers from the Wrocław Fabryczna police station transported F. to be placed in a room for detained persons at the Wrocław Krzyki police station. Approx. time. 10.40 p.m. a man shot at them with a firearm. One was injured behind the right ear, the other around the right temple.

Information about the investigation into the attempted murder of two policemenTVN24

A moment before hearing the charges, the man told journalists gathered outside the prosecutor’s office that he “did not remember this situation.”

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Investigators do not provide details of the case. They only reported that Maksymilian F.’s explanations were enigmatic and he did not admit to the charges.

Detained after a raid

Maksymilian F. was detained after a raid on Saturday after 9 a.m. Staff aspirant Łukasz Dutkowiak, press officer of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław, said that the police noticed the wanted man and ran after him. – He tried to escape, but was overpowered – said Dutkowiak. He added that Maksymilian F. had a gun with him when he was arrested.

Police: Maksymilian F. was wanted on an arrest warrant.  On Friday he was arrested and transported by us

Police: Maksymilian F. was wanted on an arrest warrant. On Friday he was arrested and transported by us TVN24

On Sunday, the court decided to arrest F. for three months, as requested by the prosecutor of the Lower Silesian organized crime section of the National Prosecutor’s Office. – Due to the need to secure the proper course of the proceedings, the real fear of fraud, the suspect’s escape, the risk of severe punishment and the justified fear of committing a crime against life and health again – Borchólski lists the reasons for the motion.

Main photo source: TVN24

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