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Wroclaw. PLN 2,500 and 15 penalty points. Identical fines for two drivers who tested the performance of their cars

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A few days apart, the Wrocław traffic police caught two drivers who reached a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour on expressways in the vicinity of the city. Both men were punished with the same fines – they have to pay PLN 2,500 each, and 15 penalty points were credited to their accounts.

The first of them fell into the hands of the police on Monday afternoon. A resident of Zabrze was driving the S5 expressway and exceeded the speed limit by 73 km/h, moving at 193 km/h. After measuring the speed with a video recorder, the police stopped the Audi for inspection.

– A fine of PLN 2,500 was imposed on the 39-year-old, and 15 penalty points were added to his individual account. Punishment is one thing, and the other – more important – is the danger of driving at such speeds – says Paweł Noga from the press office of the Lower Silesian Police.

The Audi driver on the S5 was traveling at 193 km/hLower Silesian Police

Over 200 km/h in a corvette

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Three days later, the 42-year-old was moving even faster on the Wrocław Motorway Bypass. A resident of the capital of Lower Silesia pushed his Chevrolet Corvette to 202 km/h, which is 82 km/h too fast.

– The driver’s daring drive was interrupted by a traffic police patrol in an unmarked police car equipped with a video recorder. The police officers imposed a fine of PLN 2,500 on him for the offense committed, and 15 penalty points were added to his account – Tomasz Nowak from the press office of the Lower Silesian Police reports.

The Chevrolet driver was measured over 200 km/hLower Silesian Police

“Let’s hope that this fine gives food for thought not only to this driver, but also to other people who want to test the performance of their vehicles.” Let’s not make mistakes that may cost us, our loved ones or other people loss of health or life.

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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