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Wroclaw. Restaurants are closing because of inflation

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In January alone, 19 gastronomic establishments closed in Wrocław. The costs of doing business have gone up so much that many restaurateurs are obscured by their earnings. Although there is talk of the worst situation in the capital of Lower Silesia in years, most likely – at least in the coming months – it will only get worse.

The owners of the premises we talk to calculate that rents have gone up by several percent, the price of gas has increased by 100% compared to last year, electricity costs three times more, and garbage disposal up to five times more. The costs of employing an employee are also increasing, as are the prices of all components. Customers are no longer as wasteful as they used to be. This is a sad picture of Wrocław’s gastronomy in mid-February 2023.

Relationships of restaurateurs

– The current situation is worse than during the pandemic. All bills increased several times. I used to have bills of six-seven thousand zlotys, and now I expect a bill that may be 20-30 thousand. I don’t know what to expect. The bankruptcy phase of the restaurant is just beginning. The first real increases in fixed costs will be known only in March – says Zbigniew Andrzej Dobek, the owner of the PRL club and the president of the Our Market association.

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Jacek Boniecki has been running the Wrocławska restaurant for 8 years, but he says that it has never been as bad as it is now. Example: in 2019, all his fees were PLN 6,000, now it is over PLN 20,000.

– Business is slowly becoming unprofitable. Once upon a time, a guest would order an appetizer, soup, main course, and then drink beer or wine. At the moment, he only orders one dish and a drink. Guests cannot afford to order the entire set. The restaurant earns less and less. I am looking for an alternative for myself, another source of income. I’m getting my bus driver’s license – admits Boniecki.

A difficult period for Wrocław gastronomyTVN24 Wroclaw

Małgorzata Kuta, in turn, was the owner of “Kopytkarnia”, but in December she decided to close the premises that had been operating for the last three years.

– We survived the pandemic, but we didn’t make it inflation. At my best, I employed 18 people. At the end of the activity, only four people worked. Fixed costs increased by PLN 14,000. The restaurant could not survive, Kuta believes.

Małgorzata is currently unemployed. Thinking about going abroad.

It closes more than it opens

TVN24 reporter Tomasz Mildyn talked on Wednesday about the situation of Wrocław’s gastronomy with Piotr Gładczak, the author of the blog Wrocławskie Podróże Culinary, who keeps track of what is happening on the map of the capital of Lower Silesia.

– Never before in the history of Polish gastronomy has so much bad happened. At the moment, we have a situation where more restaurants are closing than opening, which has not happened in recent years, because we had a restaurant boom – says the blogger.

– Any increases that affected us as a society also affected gastronomy. Every factor is important – electricity, gas, transport have become incredibly expensive. I do not recommend opening a gastronomy at this moment, even though we have greater availability of premises, because a large part of the space has become vacant and you can find an interesting place. However, they are not particularly willing to take over these premises and open something new. Everyone realizes that this is not a good time to start a gastronomic business at the moment – adds Gładczak.

Main photo source: TVN24 Wroclaw

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