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Wroclaw. She ran into the road wearing a hood and was hit – recording

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Dangerous situation at one of the intersections in Wrocław. The car hit a pedestrian who ran into the street. The woman had a hood on her head and did not check whether she could enter the road. After being hit by the vehicle, she got up and walked to a nearby pedestrian crossing. – The pedestrian is obviously at fault here and it could have ended tragically – emphasizes the police.

The incident took place on November 18 in front of the intersection of Jesionowa and Hubska streets in Wrocław. The Stop Cham website published a recording of the driver who hit a woman. The recording shows a pedestrian with a hood over her head who ran onto the road straight into the path of an oncoming car. The woman was hit and fell on the street. A moment later she got up and crossed the street on a marked pedestrian crossing.

“The pedestrian said that nothing happened to her, apologized and crossed on the green light” – the author of the recording reported the situation to StopCham, which published a video of the incident.

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The woman was crossing in an unauthorized place Stop Boor

The driver hit a pedestrian Stop Boor

“Creating a hazard in road traffic”

The incident was commented on by a former traffic policeman and a former court reconstruction expert road accidents Andrzej Janicki.

– There was a traffic hazard here. This is where the pedestrian clearly made a mistake. This woman had a hood over her head and ran in front of the car in a place not intended for this, especially since there was a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights a few meters away, he said. He added that the pedestrian could speak of “very good luck”. He emphasized, however, that often in such incidents “the pedestrian acts under the influence of adrenaline and thinks that he is fine.” – Even with a minor impact, injuries may appear on the second or third day – noted Janicki.

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After the incident, the woman walked on a nearby pedestrian crossingStop Boor

Police: We had no report

We also asked the Wrocław police about the incident. As junior midshipman Rafał Jarząb told us, the uniformed officers did not receive a report about the pedestrian being hit. – The police did not handle this type of road incident – said the policeman. He added: – The recording shows that the driver of the car has an open cycle (of lights – ed.) and at some point a woman runs in front of his vehicle, in front of a designated pedestrian crossing with directed traffic. The pedestrian is obviously at fault here and it could have ended tragically. For entering the road in a prohibited place, you will be fined PLN 200.

Main photo source: StopCham

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