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Wroclaw. She tried to pick up a strange child from kindergarten. There is a memory portrait, the woman is wanted

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She came to one of the kindergartens in Wrocław and gave the babysitters the name of a boy from one of the groups, whom she wanted – as she said – to take home. When a four-year-old child was brought in, she burst into tears at the sight of the young woman. The babysitters reacted and did not let the stranger leave with the boy. The police are looking for the woman, who have a memory portrait of her.

The incident happened on Friday, May 5. It is not known how the woman knew the child. Police officers dealing with the case do not rule out that after entering the facility, she simply gave the babysitters one of the popular names. – The indicated boy has been brought. The babysitters pointed out that the child did not recognize the waiting woman and reacted by crying – says senior asp. Aleksandra Freus from the Wrocław police.

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The four-year-old was not handed over to a stranger. – The babysitters did not manage to ask for an explanation, because the woman quickly ran out of the facility. One of the carers remembered her appearance very well, so with the participation of an expert draftsman, a memory portrait was made – says a policewoman from the Wrocław municipal police.

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Memory portrait of the wanted personPolice in Wrocław

Appeal for help

People who may have any information on this subject or recognize the image of the woman are asked to contact the nearest police unit or the duty officer of the Wrocław-Rakowiec Police Station at the telephone numbers 47 87 143 44 and 47 87 139 43.

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We don’t know what the woman’s intentions were. After talking to the boy’s guardians, we are convinced that it was not a family friend. None of the relatives know how the stranger could know the four-year-old, says the policewoman.

People who can help in this case are asked to contact the Wrocław-Rakowiec Police Department

Main photo source: Police in Wrocław

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