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Wroclaw. She was walking along the lanes, and suddenly a cyclist appeared – a recording of the collision

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In Wrocław, a cyclist hit a woman crossing a pedestrian crossing. The case was not reported to the police, but the police reminds that “failure to give way to a pedestrian on or entering a crossing is an offense” and may be punished with a fine.

The incident took place on October 26 on Piłsudskiego Street in Wrocław. The Stop Cham website published a recording of one of the drivers, which shows a woman walking correctly on a pedestrian crossing. It can be seen that the drivers gave way to her, but the cyclist who hit the pedestrian did not. The force of the impact was so great that the woman hit her head on a roadside post and the cyclist fell over. The recording shows that the man got up, put the bike aside and approached the woman, who was still lying down and holding her head.

A man hit a woman walking on a pedestrian crossingStop Boor

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Police: no official notification received

We asked the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław to comment on this incident. “I would like to inform you that to date, no official notification has been received regarding the described incident. However, failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian on or entering the crossing (by the driver of a vehicle other than a motor vehicle), contrary to the obligation, is an offense and is punishable by a fine. “penalty in the amount of PLN 50 to PLN 500,” the junior asp told us. Rafał Jarząb from the Wrocław police. He added: “In the event of creating a safety hazard in road traffic and, as in the described case of hitting a pedestrian, this act may be classified as a collision or accident depending on the bodily injury causing impairment of the functions of a body organ, or health disorder lasting up to or more than 7 days “.

Main photo source: Stop Boor

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