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Wroclaw. Shooting of policemen. Former policeman on the reasons

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The detained person should be thoroughly searched before he gets into the police car, said former policeman Andrzej Mroczek in the TVN24 studio, referring to the shooting of two officers in Wrocław on Friday. He assessed that criminal investigators could have trusted colleagues from another department who had previously detained Maksymilian F. – There are many questions about the procedures – added the expert.

The TVN24 guest noted that the situation that occurred on Friday in Wrocław was “extraordinary” for the police. – It directly concerns police officers who suffered very serious injuries. Certainly, the circumstances will be the subject of explanation and arranging the sequence of events – said Andrzej Mroczek, former policeman and lecturer at Collegium Civitas. He also emphasized that the prosecutor’s office is the host of the case and it will depend on it how much information will reach the public.

– Everything indicates, however, that the policemen were traveling in an unmarked police car, so they were officers of the criminal division. In unmarked cars, there is no plexiglass protection between the front and rear seats, said a former policeman.

“An error has been made”

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The expert on TVN24 noted that the circumstances of the incident will be reconstructed, among other things, based on where the attacked policemen were found. – The arrangement of their bodies, how they were found and the location of the entry wounds will indicate what positions they were in at the time of the incident and what position the shooter was in – said Andrzej Mroczek.

Police: Maksymilian F. was wanted on an arrest warrant. On Friday he was arrested and transported by us TVN24

He emphasized that before being placed in a police car, the 44-year-old should be thoroughly searched.

– The escort rules were broken – said the TVN24 guest. He noted that it was also important whether the person being prosecuted was wearing handcuffs. – If so, were they metal or plastic? We’ll have to explain why his hands were in front of him. It often happened that police officers put handcuffs behind the back of people who had committed minor crimes or even misdemeanors. And here the convoy was being chased on an arrest warrant – noted Andrzej Mroczek.

“They could trust their colleagues”

The TVN24 guest also quoted unofficial information, which shows that the attacked policemen were not the officers who had previously detained Maksymilian F. – There is information that the arrest was made by other policemen and the detainee was handed over to the second patrol of the criminal division (…) The policemen could simply trust your colleagues that everything is fine, that the man has been searched – said the TVN24 guest.

Video published by the police after the arrest of the 44-year-old

Video published by the police after the arrest of the 44-year-oldProvincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław

He noted that everything indicates that the shooter attacked while sitting in the back seat. – If another policeman had been sitting in the back, it wouldn’t have been such a surprise. The shooter had freedom of action, which is why there are many questions about the procedures, Mroczek said.

He emphasized that all “line” police officers who have direct contact with dangerous criminals must be trained in procedures related to detaining and transporting people who may pose a threat.

Attack on policemen

Maksymilian F. was wanted on an arrest warrant and was to serve half a year in prison for, among other things, fraud. He was arrested by the police on Friday evening. After 10.30 p.m., he fired shots at the policemen who were transporting him, probably in the car.

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The officers were taken to hospital in serious condition. They had to be resuscitated before being transported to the hospital ward. Currently, their color is described as heavy. According to our information, one has a gunshot wound behind the right ear, the other has a gunshot wound to the temple.

The 44-year-old was arrested on Saturday after 9 a.m. He is to be charged with attempted murder of two policemen, for which he will face life imprisonment.

Main photo source: KWP Wrocław

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