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Wroclaw. The 24-year-old wanted to borrow money, but he had no creditworthiness. He printed the documents himself

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A 24-year-old resident of Wrocław has been applying for a loan for a long time. His applications, however, were always rejected. The man – as reported by the police – decided to forge documents confirming his creditworthiness. He printed them himself at home. Now he faces up to five years in prison.

According to the Wrocław police, a 24-year-old resident of Wrocław applied for a loan many times. However, the banks each time – due to the lack of creditworthiness – refused him. – Finally, the man found a facility where there was a chance to receive cash, but he needed additional documents – reports Aleksandra Rodecka from the press office of the Wrocław police. And he adds that the 24-year-old had no way of obtaining creditworthiness documents.


He printed the documents himself

The man, however, was determined. That is why, as reported by the police, he printed the confirmation of the income from his salary himself, from his home laptop. – Prepared in this way, he submitted a forged document at a bank branch. When he tried to extort a loan for over PLN 35,000, he was arrested by policemen from the City Police Headquarters in Wrocław, Rodecka informs. The 24-year-old pleaded guilty. As announced by the police, the man will be responsible for the credit fraud. He faces up to five years in prison. The court will decide about his fate.

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