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Wroclaw. The facade of the White Stork Synagogue was devastated

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Police officers in Wrocław received a report on Sunday regarding an act of vandalism on the facade of the White Stork Synagogue. An inscription about Israel appeared on the building. Work is underway to identify the person responsible for this crime, said Commissioner Wojciech Jabłoński from the City Police Headquarters in Wrocław.

A report regarding the devastation of the facade of the White Stork Synagogue was received by the Wrocław police on Sunday, January 31. An anti-Israel sign appeared on the temple.

– Yes, we received such a report. We received them from a security employee who discovered such an act of vandalism. We also have information that it was probably done by one person – said Comm. Wojciech Jabłoński from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław.

Wroclaw. The facade of the synagogue was devastatedx.com/Sebastian Lorenc

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The search for the person who made the inscription is ongoing. A masked figure can be seen on the surveillance. As comm. Wojciech Jabłoński said, “first of all, it is being considered in terms of destruction of property, but we will also check whether there has been any insult to religious feelings in the form of the offensive text that appeared on this façade.”

“They are taking revenge on a place that has nothing to do with Israeli politics”

A photo of the synagogue with an inscription painted on it went online. On the website X he referred to it, among others: Vice-President of Wrocław Sebastian Lorenc.

“Unfortunately, the anti-Semitic rabble has raised its head again in Wrocław. Brown cowards have stained the façade of the synagogue. It is pathetic that they are taking revenge on a place that has nothing to do with Israeli policy, but is an important point on the city map. I will repeat again: in our Wrocław there is no no place for xenophobia and anti-Semitism. I hope that the perpetrators will be found by the police,” wrote Sebastian Lorenc.

This is not the first recent incident in which Jewish religious symbols have been destroyed in Wrocław. On Thursday, December 14, near the Market Square the Hanukkah candlestick was destroyed. The perpetrators were caught the next day. It turned out to be a group of teenagers.

Main photo source: x.com/ Sebastian Lorenc

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