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Wroclaw. The hedgehogs were taken into the care of Ecoguard. They need help

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The tiny hedgehogs were taken into the care of the Wrocław Ecoguard. As their guardians say, this means that a very dangerous period has begun for hedgehogs – the young are born, their parents go out to feed. Animals die under the wheels of cars or lawn mowers, and are also bitten by dogs.

Last weekend, four small hedgehogs were brought to the Wrocław Ecoguard. “These four cubs have lost their mother – and they have only lived in this world for a week. Terrified and hungry, they left the nest, crawling helplessly and hugging each other for warmth. Now they only have each other… And their private, eco-guardian” – informs Ekostraż in a press release.

Every three hours they receive milk replacer, supplements, and the conditions in the incubator are controlled. A few days later, another baby, “an 82-gram alien”, arrived at Ecoguard. There will be even more such little ones because the hedgehog season is starting.

Four puppies were taken to EcoguardECOSTRAGE

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They are worried about the hedgehogs' lives

“The coming months are the peak of the hedgehog season for us and probably the most difficult time of the year. Every day we receive hedgehogs that have been massacred by cars and lawn mowers, and bitten by dogs,” we read in a statement from Ecoguard.

– Now hedgehogs are born, and their parents are often killed while feeding – explains Katarzyna Szakowska, spokeswoman for Ekostraża. – Therefore, these babies are left alone without their parents, when they are very hungry, when they are still blind, they start to come out of the nests and when found by people, they come to us. Hedgehogs are born all summer long. We receive over 200 such babies every year.

– From now on, we will also fight for the lives of such orphaned babies. That's why we need supplies of milk replacer, feeding equipment, incubators, blankets, pads and transitional food – appeals Ekostraż.

Main photo source: ECOSTRAGE

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