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Wroclaw. The woman found a milk hose in the bathroom

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The inhabitant of Wrocław was shocked when she saw a small milk hose in one of her bathroom cabinets. It turned out that the reptile escaped from the neighboring apartment. How the animal got to her place remains a mystery.

On the night of Thursday to Friday, the driver of the Wrocław animal shelter received an unusual notification. In one of the apartments on the Wyspiański Coast, a woman found a hose in the bathroom.


– There was a milk hose in the cupboard politely. We have dealt with this species before, it is not dangerous or poisonous. Our employee secured a small reptile and took it to the shelter – says Aleksandra Cukier, spokeswoman for TOZ Shelter in Wrocław.

The reptile found himself in the bathroom of the neighborsTOZ Shelter in Wrocław

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The owner is found

A day later, the shelter posted information about the finding of the snake on its Facebook profile, with the proviso that after a two-week quarantine, if the owner does not report, the reptile will go for adoption. There was no such need.

– On Sunday a gentleman came to us who proved that it was his snake. As he explained, (reptile) escaped through an accidentally open terrarium. Nothing happened to him. He has already returned to his home. How it ended up in the neighbors’ bathroom remains a mystery – emphasizes Cukier.

The snake escaped from the terrariumTOZ Shelter in Wrocław

Main photo source: TOZ Shelter in Wrocław

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