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Monday, September 27, 2021

Wrocław, ul. Victorious. An attempt to stop, the driver ran away, the policeman fired a shot at the car

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There is a police raid on a man who managed to escape the policemen while trying to arrest him in Partynice in Wrocław. One of the officers fired a shot at the car. The driver, however, ran away.

The incident took place around 2 p.m. on Zwycięska street in Wrocław. According to Aleksandra Rodecka from the press office of the Wrocław police, one of the residents informed the person on duty that he had recognized several people he suspected of having stolen property.


Shot towards the car

– The policemen went to the scene and detained two people. The third man did not respond to the signals, the car moved forcefully across the lawn, sidewalk, next to people, so the policemen safely fired a shot at the tires of the car – informs Rodeck.

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The driver ran across the sidewalk and lawnTVN24 Wrocław

TVN24 reporter Tomasz Kanik was at the scene of the incident, who managed to talk to the witness of the incident. According to his account, the policemen wanted to keep the man in the gray car. They tried to break the window in the car and were supposed to aim at the driver with the gun. The latter, however, set off, crossed the lawn and the sidewalk with pedestrians. Then – as the witness says – a shot was to be fired.

The man ran away. As – before 4 p.m. – said Rodecka, the driver is wanted by the police.

The police manhunt is underwayTVN24 Wrocław

Main photo source: TVN24 Wrocław

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