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Wroclaw. Wooden, antique sculptures found in the basement of a tenement house

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In the basement of one of the tenement houses at the Market Square in Wrocław, a dozen or so wooden decorative elements of sculptures, probably from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, were found. The valuable find is shrouded in mystery because so far it has not been possible to establish who the owner of the items is.

Last week, Wrocław municipal police received a notification from a tenement house inhabitant that historic sculptures were stored in one of the utility rooms in the basement. The door to the room was open, any tenant with access to the basement could enter.


– They were obviously very old items. After questioning the residents, the guards found that there are only three permanently inhabited premises in the building, the remaining apartments are apartments for rent. Nobody was able to identify the owner of the room with monuments, informs Waldemar Forysiak, spokesman for the municipal police in Wrocław.

The basement was secured, and the case was then to be referred to the conservator of monuments in order to obtain an opinion needed to determine further proceedings.

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The wooden sculptures were found by one of the tenantsMunicipal Police of Wrocław

Search for the owner

A day later, an employee of the monument protection office got acquainted with the photographs of the sculptures, and then personally went to the site to assess their condition.

– It was initially stated that these are antique, neo-gothic wooden elements from the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century, most likely from an antique shop in England, which could be noticed by the stickers placed on them – emphasizes Forysiak.

Wooden sculptures are to come from the 19th or 20th centuryMunicipal Police of Wrocław

The next step was to contact the building manager to try to find out who owned the room and the items in it. The manager’s representative could not identify the owner. Until the matter was resolved, he secured the room together with the technical team. Due to the significant historical value, the conservator of monuments took over further activities in consultation with the building manager.

Main photo source: Municipal Police of Wrocław

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