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Wrocław's neon signs to be demolished. Sutryk's opponent wants to fight for it

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Next Thursday, April 11, the dismantling of the Wrocław neon gallery in the yard at ul. is scheduled to begin. Ruska. The city failed to reach an agreement with the owner of the neon signs on a new contract. – I would like to ask you to refrain from taking any action for a few weeks. I would like to get involved to save our famous, iconic neon gallery in Wrocław – appeals Izabela Bodnar, who will face Jacek Sutryk in the second round of the presidential elections.

On Monday evening, Wrocławskie Neony announced that illuminated advertisements will disappear from the iconic yard at Ruska Street in Wrocław.

– On Thursday, April 11, in accordance with the obligation imposed on us by the lending agreement, we will start dismantling the neon signs. Unfortunately, despite our concessions and willingness to conclude an agreement satisfactory to both parties, the negotiations with the Wrocław Commune turned out to be fruitless. Due to the election date, we have postponed the dismantling of the gallery for a week, but we cannot wait any longer – we read in a statement from Wrocław Neony.

A month ago, Wrocławskie Neony announced that the history of the neon gallery at Ruska Street was coming to an end. “Talks lasting several months with the Wrocław Commune did not lead to an agreement ensuring the continued operation of this place,” they wrote in March.

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The owner of the neon signs then decided to terminate the contract for the rental of illuminated advertisements with the city of Wrocław. Since 2014, the commune has signed a loan agreement with the owner of neon signs for a period of 10 years.

“So far, we have not received the necessary repairs to the neon signs, to which the commune is obliged. Without them, the neon signs not only stop shining, but simply become more and more damaged. Therefore, we made a difficult, but in this situation the only possible decision and terminated the neon loan loan agreement. “Time has passed,” Wrocławskie Neony informed on social media.

The city hall reacted to the messages that appeared on social media about Wrocław's neon signs at Ruska 46. “For several months, the City Hall has been conducting negotiations, the primary goal of which is to preserve the gallery. During them, we proposed purchasing the neon signs from the owner, renting them, and even operating them. formal gallery based on the provisions of the Act on public benefit activities and volunteering. Unfortunately, despite long negotiations, the owner did not decide to conclude any of these contracts,” the city office wrote in a statement.

Neon Gallery in WrocławShutterstock

No agreement with the city

The cause of disagreement between the city and the owner of the neon signs was two points in the contract. As Przemysław Gałecki from the Wrocław City Hall press office explained in an interview with tvn24.pl, “one of them says that the city would pay compensation of half a million zlotys for each destroyed neon sign. The second provision, which cannot be included in this contract, says that “that the owner of neon signs, i.e. a private person, may at any time dismantle these neon signs, leave, for example, only one, and the city will continue to pay PLN 150,000 a year for renting these neon signs for 10 years.”

Izabela Bodnar: I will not allow this gallery to be given away

On Tuesday, during a press conference, the candidate for the president of Wrocław spoke about the Neon Gallery.

– Because we are all very worried, concerned and outraged by the fact that our gallery of neon signs in Wrocław is at risk. I would like to ask you to refrain from taking any action for a few weeks. I would like to get involved to save our famous, iconic Neon Gallery in Wrocław. We are so close to the finish, we have two weeks left. I will not allow this gallery to fall into oblivion now, said Izabela Bodnar.

Izabela Bodnar will not allow the Neon Gallery in Wrocław to be handed overTVN24

The history of the creation of the Neon Gallery

In 2005, Tomasz Kosmalski bought the first historic neon sign that was supposed to be scrapped. Noticing how many illuminated advertisements were disappearing from the city streets, he decided to establish the Neon Side Wrocław foundation, which was to protect historic neon signs. Only in 2014, with the support of the city, it was possible to create a Neon Gallery, where neon signs could shine again and delight residents and tourists. The location of the Neon Gallery is also not accidental. In the 1960s, it was the headquarters of the Advertising company, the largest manufacturer of neon signs in Lower Silesia.

The neon yard in Wrocław is not only a place to admire illuminated advertisements – it is a space full of cultural life, concerts, festivals, artistic meetings and many other events take place.

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