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Wyszkow. An elderly couple was poisoned by marijuana butter

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A 66-year-old and a 64-year-old from Wyszków (Mazowieckie) were hospitalized with symptoms of shock after eating cookies smeared with butter purchased at the market. As it turned out, the product contained marijuana.

As Damian Wroczyński, the press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Wyszków, informed on Saturday, the police officers learned about the case from a doctor of the Hospital Rescue Department in Wyszków. According to his report, the ambulance crew brought a 66-year-old woman to the hospital, in whose body marijuana was detected.

– Verbal and logical contact with the woman was difficult, she had very low blood pressure and symptoms of shock. Her 64-year-old husband was also transported to the hospital in Wołomin with similar symptoms – said Wroczyński

Butter was supposed to help with joint problems

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Wyszków criminals immediately went to the hospital to determine where the seniors got the drugs. When the 66-year-old felt better, she told officers that her husband had bought butter at the city market to help with joint problems. – The couple baked oatmeal cookies and smeared them with THC butter (an ingredient of marijuana – PAP). After eating them, they both felt bad, the policeman said.

Criminals secured pastries and butter, which went to the forensic laboratory for further research. Investigators will clarify the exact circumstances of the case, and in particular who sold the alleged medical product to the man, which, instead of helping, could put the couple at risk of loss of life and health.

– The residents of Wyszków are no longer in danger, because help came on time. Remember, however, that any treatment should be consulted with a doctor. Let’s not experiment with untested products, and even more so from unknown, often illegal sources, appealed Wroczyński.

An elderly couple was hospitalized after consuming marijuana butterKPP Wyszków

Main photo source: KPP Wyszków

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