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Wyszkow. By truck through the roundabout | TVN Warsaw

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The truck driver drove through the middle of the roundabout in Wyszków. The vehicle overturned. The man told the police that he had fallen asleep. Surveillance video for caution.

A dangerous-looking road collision took place in Wyszków on the roundabout at the intersection of Serocka Street, the National Education Commission and Piłsudskiego Street.

– According to the findings of traffic policemen, a 43-year-old truck driver driving the national road No. 62 from the direction of Serock drove a speeding vehicle through the middle of a roundabout covered with grass, damaged road signs, hit energy-intensive barriers and overturned the vehicle – Damian Wroczyński, officer told us press office of the police in Wyszków.

SEE: He drove into the middle of the roundabout with impetus. He stopped on a pole.

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“The event could have had very tragic consequences”

He said the driver was intoxicated. – He explained to uniforms that he fell asleep at the wheel. A resident of the Legionowo poviat was transported to the hospital. The 43-year-old is very lucky because he was not seriously injured and after tests he was discharged home. Fortunately, there was no vehicle coming from the opposite direction either, because this event could have very tragic consequences – said the policeman.

Wyszkow traffic police officers imposed a fine of PLN 1,000 on the 43-year-old driver.

– Remember, let’s sit behind the wheel rested and in good psychophysical condition. If we feel the first signs of fatigue, let’s take a break. It is worth ventilating, doing even the smallest physical exercises that will certainly wake up our body. Let’s not underestimate the feeling of drowsiness behind the wheel, because it can end really tragically – appealed the spokesman.

SEE: The car rolled over after crossing the roundabout.

Main photo source: Mazovian Police

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