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Wyszkow, Sochaczew. They tried to leave with a basket of sweets, sushi and kabanos sausages. “Not only their age was surprising, but also the value of the goods”

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Three teenagers aged 12 to 16 tried to take cosmetics worth over PLN 1,000 from a drugstore. Four girls aged 10-11 wanted to leave the market without paying with a basket full of not only sweets and drinks, but also sushi. Police officers remind you that age does not protect against unpleasant consequences.

On Monday around 4 p.m., police officers intervened in one of the drugstores in Wyszków. On the spot, they found store employees and three underage girls aged 12-16 who were caught trying to steal.

– The value of the products was estimated at nearly PLN 1.2 thousand. The merchandise was recovered intact and returned to store shelves. Juveniles were handed over to legal guardians, and information about their criminal acts and manifestations of demoralization will go to the family court, informs commune Damian Wroczyński from the Wyszkow police in a communiqué.

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Sweets, drinks and sushi

A similar situation occurred in Sochaczew.

– In this case, the uniformed officers were surprised not only by the age of the perpetrators, but also by the amount of goods that four girls aged 10 and 11 tried to take out of the store without paying. These were wafers, cookies, drinks, but also sausages and sushi with a total value of over PLN 370. The theft was prevented by a store security employee, asp. Agnieszka Dzik from the Sochaczew police. – The girls have been handed over to their mothers, and the theft materials will be sent to the family court.

We urge parents to pay attention to where and how their children spend their time. It is worth talking to them about respecting someone else’s property to avoid possible legal repercussions. Out of concern for the well-being and safety of young people, we call for a proper and quick response to disturbing signals regarding behavior that lead to demoralization and juvenile delinquency. Many cases, which seemingly – especially for a young person – seem trivial, end up in court.

In such cases, the police always notify the court of committed criminal acts and demoralization of minors. Since January, only officers from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Wyszków have conducted 82 such proceedings (60 concerned petty offenses and 22 crimes).

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