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Wyszkow. The joy of driving for a while

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She got her driving license two months ago and has already lost it. She is also punishable by up to two years in prison. The 24-year-old was drunk when she got into the car. Another driver stopped her.

On Sunday, around 7 o’clock, the duty officer of the Wyszków police officers received a report of a civic capture of an intoxicated driver.

– According to the report of the reporting resident of the Wyszków district, he was following an Opel car along Serocka, Szpitalna and Kasztanowa streets in Wyszków – informs kom. Damian Wroczyński from the police in Wyszków. – The car was going slalom and it worried the man. When the car stopped, he ran to the driver and smelled alcohol. The woman tried to drive away, but the caller turned off the engine and took the keys.

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Two per mille

Traffic police officers rushed to the spot. It turned out that behind the wheel of the Opel was a 24-year-old resident of Wyszków, who had a driving license for less than two months. A breathalyzer test showed more than two times the legal limit of alcohol in the woman’s body.

The police arrested the woman’s driving license. Now, the fate of the 24-year-old will be decided by the court. She faces up to two years in prison, a ban on driving and a severe financial penalty.

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Intoxicated drivers are always a major threat to road safety. In order to eliminate such threats, a decisive reaction is needed and no consent for drunk drivers to continue driving. Notifying the police in such a situation is not “speaking on someone”, but responsibility for your own safety, as well as for the safety of other road users. We congratulate the resident of Wyszków County for his responsible attitude, which may have saved someone’s health and even life.

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