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Xaviers. The pigeon hit power lines and started a fire

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Volunteer firemen from Wola Zaradzyńska near Pabianice (Łódź Voivodeship) and local residents prevented more than a hectare of standing grain from being burned. Firefighters said the fire was caused by a wild pigeon hitting power lines.

The incident took place on July 10 in the afternoon in Ksawerów. Firefighters received a report of a grain fire on Akacjowa Street. By the time they arrived, the situation was under control.

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A wild pigeon hit power lines and started a fire

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“The fire occurred as a result of a wild pigeon hitting the power lines, which led to a short-circuit of the lines and sparks, and then a fire” – volunteer firefighters from Wola Zaradzyńska reported on social media. Rescuers appreciated the attitude of the witnesses who started the firefighting operation. “Our tasks were only to pour over the ashes and after less than half an hour we return to the base” – they said.

As firefighters told us, the bird did not survive.

A wild pigeon hit power lines and started a fireFacebook

Main photo source: TSO Wola Zaradzyńska

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