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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. Meeting of the leaders of China and Russia. What is their body language saying?

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This is a visit where the rest of the world, but especially Western countries, will pay attention to every detail. Not only the talks between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and their findings remain of interest. Experts also pay attention to body language during meetings between the two leaders.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping meets with President Vladimir Putin this week. On Monday, the ceremony of welcoming the Chinese leader to the Kremlin took place, later talks began.

Reuters writes in a commentary that “Western countries will certainly pay attention to every detail of the talks” between the two leaders. Experts quoted by the agency pay attention not only to the content of the conversations between Xi and Putin, but also to their body language during meetings.

Karen Leong, managing director of Influence Solutions, based in Singaporesaid that Xi beat Putin by a fraction of a second when he wanted to shake his hand, implying that “although he is visiting Moscow, he is the one who will take the lead in this relationship.”

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Louise Mahler, a Melbourne-based body language and leadership expert Australiais of the same opinion. He notes that Xi put his hand on Putin’s hand, which may also indicate his dominance in this relationship.

“He looks at him the way an older brother looks at a much younger one”

Mahler also points out that when they sat down together for a polite exchange through interpreters, greeting each other as “dear friend,” Putin hunched over, his leg twitched, his fist clenched, and he stared at the floor, which, according to the expert, suggests hidden agitation, while Xi appeared “stabilized and confident”.

Xi Jinping in Russia. Welcome ceremony and official talks with Vladimir Putin

Leong also noticed these reflexes in Putin. “If you put that together with Xi, Xi is a cool statesman,” the expert added, quoted by Reuters. “He has a lot of seriousness, great eye contact, he looks at him the way an older brother looks at a much younger partner.”

The 70-year-old Putin is actually several months older than Xi and has been in power more than twice as long.

What does the body language of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin say?PAP/EPA/SERGEY KARPUHIN/SPUTNIK/KREMLIN POOL

“The stakes are high for both sides”

However, according to Karen, Leong Xi also showed some signs of pressure, “blinking his eyes unusually often” during the meeting.

Kim Hyung-hee, director of the Corea Body Language Lab, estimates that “handshaking and situations where men tried to avoid eye contact showed that the stakes are high for both sides.”

“They have high expectations for this meeting. You can see the tension there, and you know that there are no true friends in politics – he adds.


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