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Yaroslav. Janek wrote to Janeczka, he hid the real message. “The most beautiful love letter we’ll see this Valentine’s Day”

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At first glance, it is an ordinary postcard, which is no different from other cards from the early 20th century. However, only seemingly, because – in a specially constructed box for the actual content of the message – Janek from Przemyśl professes his love for “his dearest Janeczka” from Jarosław and asks his beloved to respond to his proposal as soon as possible. How did this early 20th century love story end? The director of the Orsetti House Museum in Jarosław told about it.

In the early 20th century, postcards experienced a period of popularity. When telephones were a rarity and could be found only at post offices and in some offices, postcards were a quick and relatively cheap method of sending messages over a distance, noted Konrad Sawiński, director of the Orsetti House Museum in Jarosław, whose collection includes an unusual postcard with a declaration of love.

– However, they had one significant drawback – the postman or other bystanders could easily read the content written on the back of the cardboard. For this reason, if someone wanted to send a note intended only for the addressee, he had to try a little harder – says Sawiński.

Museum Director: The Most Beautiful Love Letter We’ll See This Valentine’s Day

As he emphasizes, in the collection of the Orsetti House Museum in Jarosław there is just such an unusual postcard containing a hidden love letter. It was sent from Przemyśl to Jarosław on November 24, 1909.

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– At first glance, this is an ordinary postcard, no different from other cards from the early 20th century in our collection. If we take a closer look, we will discover that an inconspicuous cardboard box hides an extraordinary secret. Perhaps this is the most beautiful love letter we will see this Valentine’s Day – said the director of the Jarosław museum.

A hundred-year-old postcard with a hidden love confessionMuseum in Jarosław Orsetti House

On the obverse of the postcard there is a drawing in a decorative frame. It shows a rural wooden hut. On the back, in a neat handwriting, there was a brief message to “Wielmożna Janina Partykówna” living in the suburbs of Jarosław, in the area called Pasieka. “Thank you very much for your wishes and I send you a cordial greeting” – it was written. The greeting is signed by JG.

– This rather conventional formula has little to do with what the mysterious JG really wanted to convey to Miss Janina – noted the director of the museum. And he adds: – Well, the actual message was discreetly and very cleverly hidden under the postage stamp stuck in the upper right corner of the cardboard.

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He hid the love letter under the stamp

After removing the stamp, you can see a completely different message, written in small letters. “For the first time in a seminar (teacher’s seminar – ed.) 10 o’clock in the evening I’m sitting alone. So quiet! Oh, what blissful dreams, unfortunately sad. Boś and you are sad” – you can read on the card.

– But that’s not all – assured the director of the museum and revealed that after looking closely at the card, you can see a delicate paper cut, made very precisely in the middle of the message hidden under the stamp. On both sides of it, there are further cuts, running parallel to each other along the longer axis of the card, reaching up to one third of its width.

A hundred-year-old postcard with a hidden love confessionMuseum in Jarosław Orsetti House

Janek, in love, confessed his love to “his dearest Janeczka”. Confession hidden in the “secret”

– The incisions form a kind of drawer, invisible from the front of the postcard, which was glued together from two separate pieces of cardboard. In this box, delicately cut into the back of the postcard, there is a note written on a small rectangular piece of pink paper. Both sides of the note are carefully filled in with small but legible letters, continued Sawiński.

In this discreet note, Janek (because that was the name of the sender – initials JG) professes his love for “his dearest Janeczka” and asks for an answer to his proposal as soon as possible.

Director Sawiński pointed out that Janek, who was in love, showed great determination, cunning and ingenuity to confess his feelings to his beloved. And he made sure that the message did not fall into the “wrong eyes” and went only to the addressee.

A hundred-year-old postcard with a hidden love confessionMuseum in Jarosław Orsetti House

The addressee accepted the proposal

– How did the story end? We are very pleased to confirm that Miss Janina said yes. The couple’s wedding took place in 1909 or 1910, Sawiński revealed.

He added that this unusual postcard was donated to the Jarosław museum 80 years later by Janina and Janek’s daughter.

The postcard can be seen at the exhibition in the museum in Jarosław, during its opening hours.

Main photo source: Museum in Jarosław Orsetti House

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