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Yemen. A rocket attack on a military base near Aden. Several dozen people are dead

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A military base in Yemen, which is part of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, was fired on by rockets on Sunday. At least 30 soldiers were killed and 60 were injured. The authorities suspect rebels from the Houthi movement of the attack, although they have not officially admitted to carrying it out – reports the Guardian.

“The Houthis have carried out several armed drone and missile attacks against the al-Anad military base,” said spokesman for Yemen’s Southern Forces Mohamed al-Nakib. He stressed that 30 to 40 soldiers were killed and at least 60 injured, but the numbers could increase as rescuers continue to search the scene of the attacks.


Two medical sources said that several bodies, along with 16 injured people, were brought to the main hospital in Lahj Province. The facility authorities said that the victims had third degree burns, and many of them were in critical condition. The Guardian writes that most of the victims are members of the pro-government unit Giants Brigades, supported by the United Arab Emirates. It is unclear whether there are civilians among the victims.

Attack during morning exercises

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Local residents said that several loud explosions were heard in the area of ​​al-Anad base, which is located about 70 km north of the southern port city of Aden. There were also heard ballistic missiles fired from launchers located in the eastern suburbs of the city that belongs to Houthi.

A rocket attack on a military base in Yemen. Several dozen killed ENEX

Rockets hit the training part of the base. At the time of the attack, dozens of soldiers were carrying out morning exercises, reports Guardian, citing local authorities. The diary describes dramatic scenes from the scene. Witnesses spoke of soldiers carrying wounded colleagues on their backs to safety, fearing another attack.

A rocket attack on a military base in Yemen. Several dozen killed ENEX

One of the injured, Nasser Saeed, said that the barracks with more than 50 soldiers were hit by rockets and then the site was fired upon by drones. “We managed to shoot one down,” he said. “Many of ours have been killed and injured,” he added.

Yemeni authorities suspect Houthi rebels of the attack. A military spokesman for the Iran-backed group has neither confirmed nor denied the accusations. The US intelligence services were once stationed at the base that was fired upon, carrying out operations against the Yemeni Al-Qaeda unit from there.

The civil war in Yemen has been going on since 2015 shutterstock

Conflict in Yemen

Peace talks in the Yemen capital of Sana’a between a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Houthi, backed by the United Nations and the United States, stalled this spring after both sides failed to reach a compromise agreement.

Yemen has been in chaos since 2011. The international coalition of countries dominated by Sunni Muslims: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, Senegal, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, led by Saudi Arabia, has been fighting in Yemen since 2015 with the Houthis supported by Iran under the slogan restoring the jurisdiction of lawful authorities throughout Yemen’s territory. The Houthis control territories in the north and west of the country.

The conflict in Yemen is described by the United Nations as the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

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