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Yemen. Aden. Bomb attack [OFIARY I RANNI]

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Five people died after a car exploded in Aden in southern Yemen. According to Saudi TV Al-Arabiya, the attack was aimed at the governor of the city, Ahmed Lamlas.

The row of government cars also included a vehicle carrying the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Salem al-Socotri. “Neither the governor nor the minister of agriculture was hurt, but their protection suffered,” Al-Arabiya reported.


The explosion took place in the Tawahi district, where the business life of Aden and the whole country is concentrated. The city functions as the actual capital of the country.

Lamlas: I will continue my duties

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In a speech on local television, Governor Lamlas, appointed in July 2020, assured him that he “is in good health and will continue to fulfill his duties.”

It is not known who was behind the attempted coup – the Houthi rebels controlling the northern part of Yemen (along with the capital Sanah), or rather the so-called Islamic State.

In December 2015, when the then governor of Aden, General Jaafar Mohammed Saad, and six of his bodyguards lost their lives in a similar attack, the Islamic State pleaded guilty to the attack.

Civil War in Yemen

Yemen has been in chaos since 2011. An international coalition of Sunni-dominated countries: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, Senegal, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, led by Saudi Arabia, has been fighting in Yemen with the Iran-backed Shiite rebels Houthis since 2015 under the slogan of restoring the jurisdiction of legal authorities throughout the territory of Yemen. The Houthis control territories in the north and west of the country.

In addition, the country has recently been shaken by a conflict between the government and separatists from the south of the country, who established the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

One of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world

In November 2019, under the aegis of Saudi Arabia, the internationally recognized government of Yemen and the separatists from the south signed a preliminary power-sharing agreement in Riyadh. Governor Ahmed Lamlas, previously a member of the STC, was appointed to this position under the arrangements adopted at the time.

The situation in Yemen PAH

The Riyadh Accord, in addition to the formation of a joint government, which happened in December 2020, also contained several other important provisions, such as the disarmament and incorporation of various militias and other military formations into structures subordinate to the ministries of defense (army) and internal affairs (police ), Saudi economic aid to the Yemeni economy, and the complete demilitarization of Aden.

According to the UN, the conflicts in Yemen have claimed thousands of lives since 2015 and contributed to one of the “greatest humanitarian crises in the world”.

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