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YNW Melly. He raps about killing, he’s accused of murdering his friends. The 24-year-old faces life imprisonment

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YNW Melly gained international recognition with the song “Murder on My Mind”, released in 2018. In Polish, the title can be translated as “Murder in my head”. There are many indications that the American rapper did not stop at thoughts of killing. A trial has just started in which Melly is accused of murdering two friends. He faces life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

In the summer of 2018, YNW Melly hosted the popular American hip-hop podcast “No Jumper”. During the conversation, a question was asked about the tattoos above his eyebrows. – On one side I have the nickname Sakhasera. He’s my brother, my twin. Juvy inscription on the other. He’s my brother too,” the rapper explained. – These are your friends who died? the leader asked. – No no. They’re both alive, Melly clarified. – I couldn’t tattoo the nicknames of living homies, apparently you’re a better friend than me – summed up the host of the program.

A few weeks later, the rapper would have to answer his question differently. Sakchaser and Juvy were shot, and Melly himself quickly became the prime suspect in their murder.

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Murder of YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy

Sakchaser and Juvy died on the night of October 25/26, 2018. Nineteen-year-old Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, along with his friends from the YNW crew recorded tracks in a studio in Fort Lauderdale. after At 2:00 the rappers got into two cars and drove towards their neighborhood. Recordings from street cameras showed that at some point one of the cars turned into a rarely traveled road with no monitoring. At this point, the versions of the prosecutor’s office and the rapper’s defenders diverge.

According to investigators, in the car that suddenly swerved off the road were Melly, 19-year-old Christopher Thomas Jr. (YNW Juvy), 21-year-old Anthony Williams (YNW Sakchaser), and driving Cortland Henry, known as YNW Bortlen. The prosecution believes Melly fatally shot Thomas and Williams. Then he fired at the car, so that it looked like the so-called. “drive by shooting”, i.e. a shootout, the perpetrator of which was someone from a passing vehicle.

after 4:00 YNW Bortlen drove up to the local hospital with the bodies of Thomas and Williams already dead. He told police officers who were called to the scene that their car had been shot at. Melly didn’t show up at the hospital because he got out of the car early. He himself claimed that on the way he switched to another car. According to the prosecution, he shot two friends, tried to simulate a “drive by”, then walked back home.

The shots were fired from inside the car. shells secured inside the vehicle or blood splatters characteristic of a shot from such a distance. Although traces of gunpowder were found on YNW Bortlen’s hands on the night of the murder, he is “merely” accused of aiding in the crime. Investigators found that both victims were shot by Melly.

YNW MellyGetty Images

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YNW Melly. The rapper’s trial has begun

The now 24-year-old rapper was arrested in February 2019. Among other things, he has two counts of first degree murder. His trial began on June 14 in Fort Lauderdale. As reported by ABC News, Melly’s defenders insist that those killed were his close friends and that the rapper had no reason to murder them. Prosecutors say, however, that the most popular representative of the YNW was a member of one of the local gangs, and the victims belonged to a rival group. The feud between them was supposed to be the motive for the murder. If Melly is found guilty, he faces life imprisonment or the death penalty.

This isn’t the 24-year-old rapper’s first run-in with the law. As a teenager, he was arrested after being involved in a shooting that took place at his school. Later he landed in prison for drug possession and illegal possession of firearms.

YNW Melly – who is she?

Florida native YNW Melly released his debut mixtape “I Am You” in 2018. It included, among others, originally released as a single “Murder on My Mind”, to this day remain by far the most popular song of the 24-year-old (almost 600 million views on YouTube). In it, Melly spins visions of murder and describes a blood-stained crime scene.

A year later, Melly’s next mixtape, “We All Shine”, was released. On this album, specifically in the piece “Mixed Personalities”, he made a guest appearance Kanye West. The young rapper was also not idle behind bars. At the end of 2019, his first studio album “Melly vs. Melvin” was released. Much of this material was created while the rapper was in prison.

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