You cannot prohibit dogs from entering the beach. What does this mean in practice?


In this case, the interests of beachgoers without dogs and beachgoers with dogs are conflicting. The case was taken up by the Ombudsman, who involved the court in resolving the dispute. There is a solution – you cannot prohibit dogs from entering the beach. This does not mean that she is still a free American woman.

The ban on dogs is no longer allowed at the swimming pool in Grudziądz. Dogs owe their presence on the water to the constitution and rights of their owners. A citizen from Grudziądz complained about the ban on dogs being allowed on the beach near the bathing area, and the Ombudsman took up the complaint.

– It violates the constitutional right to freedom of movement, and also violates the property rights of the dog owner – says Piotr Mierzejewski, representative of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights. – The director of the center cannot introduce such prohibitions. It can only introduce rules that are aimed at limiting the nuisance for other people – he adds.

Courts themselves, cities themselves

Therefore, you are allowed to bring your dog inside, but preferably on a leash, and you must clean up after your pet. The swimming pool may designate dog bathing zones, as this is determined by sanitary considerations.

– These regulations have been changed, but when it comes to the reactions of our guests, there are as many supporters as opponents of such an idea – informs Izabela Piwowarska, director of the Municipal Recreation and Recreation Center in Grudziądz.

And there is confusion, because although dogs are allowed to go to the beach in Świnoujście, where city resolutions restricting access are in force, even if they violate the constitution, they must always be appealed against and repealed in court – says the Office of the Ombudsman.

Gdańsk sends guardians with dogs to unguarded beaches. – Where there are lifeguards, where most people bathe, animals are not allowed – says Łukasz Iwański, manager of the Sea Bathing Areas in Gdańsk.

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Concerns of animal opponents on the beach

Summer and Zuri go to the beach at a specially designated dog beach. It's a nice change for both of them after living in a shelter. – There are no Dantesque scenes happening. On the contrary, we are getting to know each other. Animals connect people, they do not divide them – says Rafał, Summer and Zuri's guardian. – Dogs don't pee in the water, so the cleanest water, the cleanest beach – he adds.

Opponents of animals on the beach, apart from concerns about cleanliness, also have other concerns. – They may attack children – says one of the interlocutors. – They get in the way, they rub against the legs, a person is lying on the beach, and suddenly there's a dog – says the woman.

– Tourists who relax on the beaches cause more problems than the animals themselves – points out Adam Osik, coordinator of water lifeguards in Świnoujście.

Mrs. Magdalena will check the weather and city resolutions before going to the Polish seaside. – I would love to have the opportunity to go to the beach with my pet – says Mrs. Magdalena, the owner of the dog Koko.

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