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“You can’t turn back time.” Campaign of the West Pomeranian WOPR

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99 people have drowned in Poland since the first day of summer holidays. Last year, as many as 460 people died during the summer, 117 of them drank alcohol before drowning. That is why the West Pomeranian WOPR organized the “Time you will not reverse” campaign. The rescuers remind that getting into the water after stimulants can be deadly.

In June, 70 people drowned in Poland, 78 in July, and four in the first days of August. From the first day of summer holidays, i.e. on June 25, 99 people died. Unfortunately, some of the victims were drunk. Rescuers remind that stimulants affect our concentration and entering the water in such a state can be deadly.


As part of the campaign “Time do not reverse”, the West Pomeranian Water Volunteer Rescue Service has published a film that is to warn against bathing after drinking alcohol. It shows a group of friends drinking on the beach. At some point they fall into the water. In the morning one of the men wakes up and suddenly notices that the rest of his friends are dead.

– The idea is to educate people about the anti-social habits of drugs consumed in water areas. We want to reach as many people as possible, making them aware of the risk taken after stimulants – he says Maria Adamczyk, coordinator of the project “You will not turn back time”.

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The West Pomeranian WOPR in the new campaign calls for caution over water

“They are unable to stay on their feet and fall into the water”

Apoloniusz Kurylczyk from the West Pomeranian WOPR admits that rescuers often have to save people who enter the water when drunk.

– We can see the influence of stimulants in several areas. Some of them, the most radical, are people who are unable to stay on their feet and go into the water because – as they believe – then they will sober up and cool down. This is a tragic path. If we manage to do so, we pull out such people – says Kurylczyk.

“They cannot find their parents in the maze of screens and tourists” >>>

As she adds, alcohol affects the loss of concentration. This is also evident in people taking care of children on the beach.

– It often happens that we have to conduct search activities in which we cannot exclude the fact that the child is missing and is in the water, so we search the water area, we search the beach. We are looking for a child who has distanced themselves from their parents, and the parents were busy with their own affairs, or staring at the phone screen, or interested in where to buy another beer – he adds.

Further information spots are to be broadcast as part of the “Time you will not reverse” project. There will also be posters informing about the risk of drowning after drinking alcohol.

RCB reminds that the basic rules of safety on the water are:
– Swim only in designated areas
– Refrain from going into drinking water
– Do not run into the water when hot

Be safe by the water – a statement from the Government Security CenterGovernment Security Center

Main photo source: WOPR Zachodniopomorskie

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