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You don’t. The swimming pool is closed. They remove the dead dogs from the beach

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In the area of ​​the Moczydło bathing beach by the reservoir in Nielisz (Lubelskie), a bathing ban was introduced. This is due to the fact that on the surface of the water and on the shore there were large numbers of dead mussels, and more specifically large ones. Their massive outflow causes – as in the case of dead fish – an unpleasant smell. The clams are currently being removed.

As Stanisław Jaślikowski explains the County Sanitary Inspector in Zamość, the reason for the prohibition of bathing in the Moczydło bathing resort by the reservoir in Nielisz is the excessive outflow of dead mussels – be honest.

– Dead mussels floated on the surface of the water and then gathered in large numbers on the shore, creating a thick layer on the sand – he points out.

The dead raspberries swam to the beach en masse Nielisz Commune Office

Clams are being removed

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He adds that the commune has started cleaning the beach.

– The mass outflow of dead mussels causes – as in the case of dead fish – an unpleasant smell due to their decomposition, which disqualifies such water from being used by bathers – explains the head of the Sanepid Sanatorium in Zamość.

The reasons for this amount of dead animals are not known yet. Experts do not rule out the fact that prolonged heat may contribute to it.

The massive outflow of dead mussels causes an unpleasant odor Nielisz Commune Office

Head of the Sanepidu: this is the first such case in our country.

Jaślikowski emphasizes that it is difficult to say how long this situation will last.

– It’s a little cooler, so we hope it will help. We have no experience in this topic. This is the first such case with us. I have been working for nearly forty years in the health care center and I do not remember anything like that. Most often, the bathing areas were closed due to the detection of E. coli bacteria or cyanobacterial blooms – adds the sanitary inspector.

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Another bathing area is closed

There are 33 bathing areas in the Lubelskie Voivodeship. In addition, in Nielisz, the bathing beach on the Bojary Reservoir in the Biłgoraj poviat is also closed. There, the reason for the ban on bathing is the bloom of cyanobacteria.

Cheers great

Szczeshya the great (Anodonta cygnea) is the largest native freshwater clam in Poland. In the past, it was often found in our country and – like common rowan – it was even used as food for pigs and poultry. Currently in Poland it is a rare species, under strict protection.

The “Moczydło” swimming pool on the reservoir in the village of Nielisz in the Zamość poviat is closed

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Main photo source: Nielisz Commune Office

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