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Young people are encouraged to participate in elections. “It’s important to feel this agency”

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We are going to vote, we are taking our families with us – young people say. They also encourage women to vote. Because no one – like them – will fight for their rights – they argue.

The awareness of the strength and importance of each single voice is huge among the young people who came to the Polska Przyszłości Campus. Everyone gathered says that it is necessary to go to the elections. However, no one says – for whom they will vote. Youth on campus are very political, but not partisan. Jessica, Klaudia, Martyna, Wiktoria and Natalia met there. They decided that they must do something together – to encourage people to go to the polls. They do not want their action to be associated with Campus, so the editors of “Fakty” TVN met them at the lake. We don’t care which political option. The point is that we, young people, young women, above all, go to these elections and not give our vote to someone else – says Wiktoria Nowak.

– It doesn’t matter who we vote for. It is important to feel this agency – adds Natalia Nadolna.

They are primarily concerned with encouraging women to participate in elections. – Not only for them to sew themselves, but also to take their mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends with them – explains Klaudia Durma. The action was instant. The girls got up at 7:00, met on the pier and recorded a pro-turnout spot for two days. Its premiere is scheduled for September 15 at the latest.

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Mark Brzezinski met with the participants of the Poland of the Future CampusKatarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

The power of the young

This appeal to go to the elections also contains a specific answer – why. – For Poland to remain in the European Union, for women to have more rights – explains Klaudia.

Young people at the Poland of the Future Campus listen attentively to the heroes of the past, stories about the wartime fate and the choices made at that time. The heroines of the Uprising also did not indicate whom to vote for. They only said that they always kept their oaths. – For me, you are the greatest treasure of our nation. Because you can change what is bad in our governments, said Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, a participant in the Warsaw Uprising, to young people.

Young people think that these may be the most important choices in their lives. The extent to which they are involved in changes in Poland can be seen in their mass presence on the Campus. Politicians out there don’t have it easy. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz had to declare that if their candidate for the Senate did not condemn Putin, she would disappear from the list.

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