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Young people. At what age do we move out of the family home? Eurostat data

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In 2022, young people in the European Union moved away from their parents at the age of 26.4 on average, according to data from the European Statistical Office Eurostat. Significant differences can be observed between individual member states.

The highest average age of moving out from parents – 30 years and more – was recorded in Croatia (33.4), Slovakia (30.8), Greece (30.7), Bulgaria and Spain (30.3), Malta (30.1) and we Italy (thirty). At the opposite end of the scale is the railway Finland (21.3), Sweden (21.4), Denmark (21.7) and Estonia (22.7).

In Poland, the average age of leaving the family nest in 2022 was 28.9.

Increases in fourteen European Union countries

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Over 10 years, the average age of young people leaving home has increased in 14 European Union countries. This happened in particular in Croatia, Greece and Spain. In 2012, the lowest average in the European Union was in Sweden, where young people left home at around the age of 19, but over 10 years this average increased by 1.5 years.

At European Union level, the average age changed little between 2012 and 2022, with the lowest being 26.2 years (2019) and the highest being 26.5 years (2012, 2014, 2020 and 2021 .).

Women move out earlier than men

In 2022, men left the family home later than women, at the age of about 27. Women around 25 years old. This difference was observed in all countries, i.e. young women moved out of the parental home on average earlier than young men.

Men left home on average after the age of 30 in 9 European Union countries (Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Portugal). For women, this only happened in one country, Croatia.

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