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Your e-PIT. How many statements (declarations) have been made. MF data

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We can settle PIT for 2022 online using the Your e-PIT service. According to the Ministry of Finance, more than 1 million statements have been submitted since February 15. “This number appeared on our counter much faster than last year” – informed the head of the National Revenue Administration, junior inspector Bartosz Zbaraszczuk.

As the head of KAS informed last year, the first million declarations appeared nine days after the start of the tax settlement process. Anna Chałupa, deputy head of KAS, emphasized that the Twoj e-PIT service allows you to submit a settlement quickly, conveniently, safely and without leaving your home. She also reminded that thanks to it, taxpayers have access to the history of their e-PITs, as well as several other digital services offered by the e-Tax Office. – By using the electronic form of settlement, taxpayers receive faster tax refund. The tax office will refund them the overpayment within 45 days she added.

Your e-PIT. The Treasury has prepared tax returns for over 24 million taxpayers

The communiqué stated that this year, the NRA prepared annual tax returns for 2022 on the basis of the data in its possession. for over 24 million taxpayers. According to the Ministry’s data, among more than a million submitted forms, there are: 936,000 PIT-37 declaration, 35 thousand declaration PIT-28, 16 thousand PIT-38 declaration, 13 thousand. PIT-36 declaration, 0.9 thous. PIT-OP declarations, 1.3 thous. PIT-DZ declaration.

National Revenue Administration reminded that your e-PIT works 24/7 and can be used on any device connected to the Internet. Access to the service is possible only in the e-Tax Office (e-US), on the website biznes.gov.pl.

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Your e-PIT. How to log in to the service

You can log in to the e-Tax Office with a Trusted Profile (PZ), e-ID, via electronic banking or the mObywatel application. In addition to the service itself, you can also log in with your tax data. It was added that taxpayers have already logged in to the e-Tax Office launched on February 1, 2021 more than 87.3 million times, and Since the beginning of this year’s PIT campaign, taxpayers have logged into the system over 3.3 million times.

The communiqué emphasized that taxpayers having problems with settlements may obtain assistance using the National Tax Information (KIS).

“We have launched a special helpline where our experts provide information. KIS helpline employees will provide information on annual returns and the Your e-PIT service also this Saturday, February 18, from 8 am to 1 pm” – it was written.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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