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Your e-PIT. PIT for 2021. From when PIT-37 declarations to when you have to settle accounts

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Tax returns, including PIT-37, will be available in the Twój e-PIT service from February 15, the Ministry of Finance informed TVN24 Biznes. This is the next time when you will be able to use the declaration filled in by the tax office.

The Your e-PIT service has been operating since mid-February 2019. It consists in the automatic preparation and sharing by the National Tax Administration of the annual tax return of natural persons. The taxpayer who uses this service does not need to fill out an application or submit a declaration to account for his tax.

Until when should I submit my PIT tax return?

According to the information provided to TVN24 Biznes by the Ministry of Finance, tax returns, including the popular PIT-37, can be submitted from February 15, 2021. As a rule, the deadline for submitting the declaration is the end of April, but this year April 30 is Saturday. This means that the possibility of settlements with the tax authorities will be extended until May 2. The term applies to taxpayers settling under PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-37, PIT-38, PIT-39.

Earlier, by the end of February, you should submit your PIT-28 tax return. This applies to taxpayers who have opted for lump-sum taxation on recorded income, for example with respect to income obtained from renting a flat.

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Your e-PIT – logging in and operation

Last year, access to the Your e-PIT service was possible only through the e-Tax Office on the website taxki.gov.pl. The service did not apply to revenues from economic activity and special departments of agricultural production.

It was possible to log into the e-Tax Office – and it will probably also be this year – using a Trusted Profile (PZ), e-proof or via electronic banking. You could also log in to the Your e-PIT service itself with your tax data providing: PESEL (or NIP and date of birth), the amount of income from the previous settlement, the amount of income from one of the information from payers for the previous year (e.g. from PIT-11 from employer) and confirming the amount of overpayment / tax to be paid from the previous settlement.

The National Tax Administration, i.e. the tax office, prepares taxpayers their annual tax returns based on the data they have. Taxpayers could verify and modify or approve their settlements. Even if the taxpayer fails to do anything within the deadline for submitting the tax return, KAS automatically accepts the prepared settlement (it will be submitted on time).

The taxpayer using the Your e-PIT service may complete the tax return prepared for him by KAS and take into account the deductions he is entitled to, e.g. child relief, rehabilitation relief, internet relief, thermo-modernization relief, payments to an individual pension security account (IKZE) or deduction of housing expenses .

Tax refund

The advantage of filling in PIT-37 electronically is a quick tax return. The deadline for returning the overpayment resulting from the declaration submitted in electronic form via your e-PIT is 45 days. Very often in the previous years it happened that the money was in the account even after a few days.

If we choose the paper form, we will have to wait up to three months for the return from the date of submitting the declaration.

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