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Zabierzow. Two trains on the same track. Investigation into the suspicion of causing a disaster in land traffic

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In Zabierzów near Krakow, trains moving in opposite directions ended up on one track and eventually stopped 114 meters apart. The Krakow prosecutor’s office is conducting an investigation into the suspicion of causing the danger of a disaster in land traffic.

As the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow informed, investigators are now waiting for an expert opinion in the field of rail transport safety. This is to help determine which of the participants in the event – two train drivers and the train dispatcher – committed the faults, what the errors were and whether it would be possible to stop the trains if the train dispatcher did not order one of the train drivers to stop.

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Stopped in time

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The prosecutor’s office announced that on June 26 last year in Zabierzów, trains from Wrocław to Kraków and Przemyśl Główny to Wrocław were allowed to run on one track, moving in opposite directions. After the reaction of the railway traffic dispatcher, the trains were stopped in time and were approximately 114 meters apart.

Zabierzow. Two trains on one trackPauljna/Contact 24

Marta Ziemska from the Press Office was quoted by the nakolei.pl portal shortly after this event PKP Intercity said that the driver of the Wrocław Główny – Kraków Główny train did not stop in front of the semaphore indicating the “stop” signal. After passing it, he stopped the train, and the traffic dispatcher stopped the train from Przemyśl Główny to Wrocław Główny, which was going from the opposite direction.

They are waiting for an expert opinion

The expert’s opinion is intended to help answer questions regarding, among others: communication of the traffic dispatcher and train drivers, the possibility of “disruption of the turnout switch”, as well as model behavior of the participants of the event.

“Proceedings on suspicion of committing a crime are still being conducted, procedural activities are being carried out” – the prosecutor’s office informed.

Main photo source: Pauljna/Contact 24

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