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Ząbki. 19-year-old smashed bottles on railway tracks. He was wanted

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In Ząbki, police arrested a drunk 19-year-old. The man was smashing bottles on the railway tracks. It turned out that he was wanted.

On Tuesday afternoon, police officers from Ząbki were informed by a resident of the city that a man was standing on the railway tracks on 3 Maja Street, smashing bottles. Officers from the patrol and intervention team of the local police unit went to the scene.

There, they indeed found the indicated man. The police determined that he was drunk. “During the activities with the 19-year-old, it turned out that he was a person wanted by the District Court in Wałbrzych to serve a sentence of 211 days of imprisonment for damaging property and the District Prosecutor's Office in Głubczyce to determine his whereabouts,” the District Police Headquarters in Wołomin reported in a statement.

The young man was arrested and taken to a police cell. He was then taken to a designated penitentiary where he will serve his sentence.

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