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Zabrze. A fire in a flower shop on Wolności Street. Firefighters: It was arson

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Arson was most likely the cause of the fire that took place on Thursday night in Zabrze (Silesian Voivodeship). – Monitoring recorded that before the flames appeared, someone was hanging around the gazebo – says Anna Sztykiel, the owner of a flower shop. The circumstances of the incident will be clarified by the police.

The owner of a flower shop at Wolności Street in Zabrze on Thursday (June 15) after 11 pm was alerted that the gazebo adjacent to the flower shop was on fire. Flames soon followed. – Two fire engines were dispatched to the spot. When we arrived, the fire was already very developed, the flames were spreading to the neighboring building – reports junior brigadier Wojciech Strugacz from the Zabrze fire brigade.

Officers put out the fire and tried to prevent the service building, which was a grocery store, from catching fire. – We managed not to let that happen. Had that happened, the losses would have been even greater.

He adds that the flower warehouse and part of the cold store burned down. The store room was also blacked out. – The whole assortment has been destroyed. Losses were estimated at over PLN 100,000, the fireman reports.

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Losses were estimated at 100,000. zlotysTVN24

He added that a 61-year-old woman from the owner’s family came to the site during the firefighting operation. Seeing the enormity of losses, she felt bad. – Firefighters gave her first aid, the woman was taken to the hospital – says junior brig. Hewer.

Florist owner: tinkered with something here, flames appeared in 30 seconds

Firefighters said the fire was most likely caused by arson. Anna Sztykiel, the owner of the flower shop, says that the monitoring system recorded the course of the fire and what happened just before the flames appeared.

– On our monitoring, you can see, first of all, that a man was walking around, looking around carefully. You can see that he hid behind the gazebo and was just doing something here. You can’t see that well, but he was tinkering with something here and flames appeared in 30 seconds – says the woman in front of the TVN24 camera.

As he says, the gazebo that caught fire first is to be demolished, as is the building of the flower shop. – There is practically no wall there, no roof. To be honest, I’m no expert, but it looks like an unprofitable renovation – emphasizes the owner.

The woman says that the flower shop was her only source of income. “Virtually my whole family and my husband’s were involved in it,” she points out.

The circumstances of the incident will be clarified by the police.

The fire happened on Friday nightTVN24

The event took place in Zabrze.

Main photo source: TVN24

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