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Zabrze. At night, I cycle from curb to curb. Footage of a dangerous ride

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Returning from duty, the policeman noticed a cyclist in front of him, who rode in a snake, from curb to curb. It turned out that the 40-year-old had one and a half per mille of alcohol in his system. Police release video of dangerous driving.

On Friday, around 10:30 p.m., the district officer, who is on duty at the 4th Police Station in Gliwice, was returning home after duty. While in Zabrze on Krakowska Street, he noticed a bicyclist behaving strangely. As the Gliwice police describe, the cyclist’s driving style “clearly indicated a lack of good psychophysical condition”.

We see this ride on a video recorded with a car camera, which is published by the Gliwice police. The cyclist rides a snake, sometimes crosses the line and moves from the left to the right curb, i.e. against the current.

“Despite the time of day, the traffic was quite heavy, so an accident could have happened at any time,” the police statement reads.

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The breathalyser test showed 1.5 per mille

The policeman immediately called 112, informing the duty officer of the Zabrze police station that he was “following a drunk cyclist and will keep him updated on where the cyclist is moving”.

A patrol was sent to the site and stopped the man on Victim Katynia Street. It turned out to be a 40-year-old resident of Zabrze. Police officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol on him. The breathalyser test showed 1.5 per mille. In addition, the 40-year-old had headphones in his ears and listened to music.

The man received a fine of PLN 2,500.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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