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Zabrze, CBŚP action. They suspected he might shoot. They secure “various weapons units” in his apartment

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Counter-terrorists and police negotiators appeared on Tuesday morning in Zabrze. The Central Police Investigation Bureau explains that the officers were supposed to carry out activities with the man and suspected that he might have a weapon and could use it. He let the police into the apartment.

The local portal reported on Tuesday morning that in the Mikulczyce district of Zabrze, a man mined himself in an apartment in a tenement house on Chopina Street opposite the school, therefore the local residents were evacuated.

CBŚP action in ZabrzeZabrze renew

The action in Mikulczyce is carried out on Tuesday morning Central Police Investigation Bureau. His spokeswoman Iwona Jurkiewicz denies the information about mines and evacuations. “That’s not true,” he tells us.

CBŚP action in ZabrzeZabrze112

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CBŚP: a man can have a gun and can use it

In the social media, CBŚP informed that the police “were supposed to perform actions against the man, but due to the fact that they had information that the man may have a weapon and can use it, counter-terrorists from SPAP in Katowice and negotiators from KWP joined the action in Katowice”.

“As a result of the measures taken, the man let the policemen in” – we read in the CBŚP information. And further: “various weapons units are secured.”

Due to the goodness of the proceedings, the police do not provide further information at this stage.

CBŚP action in ZabrzeZabrze112

Main photo source: Zabrze112

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