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Zabrze. Seven-year-old Alicja Sumara underwent a heart transplant, the organ was collected in the Czech Republic. She is the first such patient in the country

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Seven-year-old Alicja Sumara has more strength every day, she already dreams of her first bicycle in her life. “Until recently, she had to lie on the couch most of the time,” her mother says. The girl underwent a heart transplant operation at the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze as the first child in Poland to receive a heart donated abroad.

Ali’s poor health became apparent two years ago when she was hospitalized with pneumonia. After the disease was controlled, an ECG was performed, during which abnormalities in the functioning of the heart were detected. The diagnosis indicated that the child had cardiomyopathy, a disease related to the abnormal structure of the heart.

The baby was getting weaker. Ali’s mother, Tatiana Kosińska-Sumara, says that her daughter has recently “walked only as much as she had to”. “She spent most of her time on the couch,” she recalls.

Doctors initially decided that the girl needed both a lung and a heart transplant. But then they decided that a lung transplant was not necessary.

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Ali’s mother recalls that she received a phone call informing her that a donor had been found on May 25. – Ala and I were going shopping for girls, maybe we drove about two kilometers from home. I immediately recognized that someone from the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases was calling – she says.

Al is feeling bettertvn24.pl

Her hands gripped the steering wheel with emotion as the doctor on the phone told her that the operation needed to be performed immediately. We waited two months for an organ. Ala knew that she had a sick heart, that she would have to undergo surgery. We didn’t hide it from her,” she says.

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Seven-year-old Alicja Sumara’s heart transplant took place on May 26 – Mother’s Day. It lasted from 23.00 to 5.00. A week later – on Children’s Day – her mother Tatiana Kosińska-Sumara could see her daughter again.

Ala is seven years old and her heart came to her from the Czech RepublicTVN24

– I got the most beautiful gift I could get – says the touched mother.

He emphasizes that Ala quickly regains her strength. The girl was surprised to discover that she was not tired of walking through the hospital corridor. Mom asked for a pink bicycle. The dream is to be fulfilled as soon as the child leaves the hospital.

A body from abroad

Alicja is the first child in Poland to receive a heart donated abroad.

Obtaining a heart for the girl from abroad was possible thanks to the International Organ Exchange Program established in 2015. All countries of the European community participate in it.

Ali’s heart was provided by Poltransplant – a state budget entity subordinated to the Minister of Health, based in Warsaw.

– Thanks to the organs provided by us, doctors performed two heart transplants this year from a donor from Czech and one liver transplant from a z donor German – said Dr. Anna Pszenny from the Poltransplant Coordination and Organizational Center for Transplantation.

The operation was performed at the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze

Main photo source: TVN24

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