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Zabrze. The 64-year-old was carrying illegal tobacco, he hit policemen

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A 64-year-old from the Chełmiec commune (Małopolska) will be responsible for an active attack on policemen. The man, in the course of transporting over 100 kilograms of illegal tobacco, was detained for inspection. During the escape, the driver ran into two officers.

The man was detained for inspection in the village of Zabrzeż in the Nowy Sącz poviat. According to the police, initially the activities ran smoothly. Everything was about to change when one of the uniformed men instructed the 64-year-old to get out of the car. It was then, as reported by the police, that the man decided to escape. He started the engine and put it in reverse. One of the officers tried to reach the ignition key through the open window, but failed and was pulled by a moving car.

– The runaway also ran into another policeman who was standing by the controlled vehicle. After driving several dozen meters, the car hit a road sign, then the driver was overpowered and detained – reported Sebastian Gleń, spokesman for the Małopolska Police.

The injured policemen were taken to hospital, their injuries were not serious.


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He was transporting tobacco without excise duty, he hit policemenMałopolska Police

Allegations of assaults on police officers and transporting illegal tobacco

A 64-year-old resident of the Chełmiec commune was taken to a police cell. He was sober. In his car, policemen found over 100 kilograms of tobacco. The losses of the State Treasury due to unpaid excise tax were estimated at nearly PLN 120 thousand.

The man heard allegations of active assault on the intervening policemen and illegal transport of goods subject to excise duty. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a heavy fine. The 64-year-old remains under police supervision and is forbidden to leave the country.

Main photo source: Małopolska Police

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