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Zabrze. The window was open, the two-year-old was walking on the windowsill. Drunken mother slept next door

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The 32-year-old had almost 2.6 per mille of alcohol in her body and slept in her apartment. At that time, her two-year-old daughter was walking on the sill of the open window. A witness who noticed the girl informed the police about the case.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning at Grunwaldzka Street in Zabrze. The policemen were called to the place by the person who noticed the child. “Neighborhoods who actually saw an open window in an apartment situated on the high ground floor were sent to the site. Using a ladder, the intervening policemen climbed inside” – reads the police statement.


The drunk mother was asleep, the child was taken into the care of the family

In the apartment – apart from a two-year-old girl – was her mother. The woman was asleep in bed. “When the policemen woke her up, her statements were incoherent and illogical. The woman was not aware that her child was standing on the windowsill” – informed the police. The woman was drunk. She had almost 2.6 per mille of alcohol in her body.

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The girl was hungry. “Fortunately, one of the uniformed had a donut, which he gave a child” – said the policemen. By the decision of the employees of the Municipal Family Support Center, the two-year-old was transferred to the care of the family. According to the police, the 32-year-old will be accused of endangering her daughter’s life or health. This could be punishable by up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Police

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