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Zagreb, Croatia. A student saw a huge spider on the wall in the kitchen, called the shelter

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A student from Zagreb stumbled upon a “huge” spider in her apartment. She was so scared that she decided to call the experts for help. Employees of the local animal sanctuary arrived at the site.

Sara Sharicz, a student from Zagreb, saw a huge spider on the wall in her kitchen. The animal scared her so much that the woman decided to ask experts from one of the local shelters for help.

– He was on the wall. It was a huge black spider, hairy, with long legs. I was terrified – described Szaricz.

Fear has big eyes

The woman left the apartment and waited for the shelter staff to arrive. When they got there, it turned out that the cause of the confusion was a spider from the spider family (Lycosidae).

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“He was completely calm, we caught him in a jar, he basically walked into it himself. We locked him up and brought him here to us. Then he was released into the forest – said Dominik Matusina from the Azil Dumovec shelter.

– Some species are quite large. They have long legs, so they look bigger than they are, they grow up to four centimeters, but I understand that someone who doesn’t know this is not comfortable to see them – said Ivan Cizelj from the Zagreb Zoo.

Spider on the wallENEX

Wolfhounds. Nocturnal predators

The spider lions are a family of over 2,000 species. These spiders hunt actively, have good eyesight, are nocturnal predators. They can be found in all climatic zones. They have venom, but its action does not pose a major threat to human life and health. However, bites can cause itching, swelling, or even mild pain.

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