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Zakopane, Pomerania: Holidays by the sea and in the mountains in the shadow of high prices. We leave for a shorter time, we cook ourselves

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Holidays at the Polish seaside or in the mountains are becoming more and more expensive. The occupancy rate of hotels in the Tri-City is, on average, lower by about 20 percent compared to the previous year. In Podhale, the prices of accommodation have not increased so much, but visitors save as much as they can anyway. Many are looking for the cheapest solutions, deciding, among other things, to cook on their own, or resign from various types of attractions.

For the tourist industry in Zakopane, this is not a dream start to the holiday season. So far, Krupówki is not filling up as much as the owners of boarding houses and restaurateurs would like. There are not as many tourists as expected. This is due to the weather, but above all to the crazy prices.

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As TVN24 reporter Maciej Stasiński explained, tourists save as much as they can. They are primarily looking for accommodation not in the very center of Zakopane, but on the outskirts and in nearby towns. An example may be a couple of tourists who managed to book a stay for 10 days at the price of about PLN 1,400 with access to the kitchen.

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Holidays in Zakopane are getting more and more expensiveTVN24

Tourists talk about returning to the holiday from years ago. Today, as in the past, we make reservations ourselves, preferably without intermediaries, we also cook ourselves. Going out to a restaurant happens rather once, maybe twice during a few days’ vacation. We also give up attractions such as lifts or thermal baths. The average cost of such pleasure is about PLN 100 per person.

Krupówki in ZakopaneTVN24

Expensive also by the sea

In Gdynia and nearby towns, hotel occupancy is currently around 70 percent. Last year it was 90 percent. In smaller towns such as Władysławowo, Jurata or Jastarnia, it reaches only 50 percent.

As TVN 24 reporter Adam Krajewski pointed out, many people wait until the last minute to book because of the weather. He added that the difference in occupancy between larger and smaller cities is due to the fact that larger centers have a more interesting offer in case of bad weather.

Holidays at the seaside are getting more and more expensive

Holidays at the seaside are getting more and more expensiveTVN24

– It’s on average, worse than last year. Reservations are pouring in at the last minute. Most tourists wait for the weather. The second issue is work leave. Certainly, the schedule does not fill up well in advance – says the owner of one of the hotels in Pomerania.

Shorter trips

Today we leave for a shorter period than 5 or 10 years ago. These are often trips of several days. This is mainly due to savings.

– The number of occupancy in accommodation facilities is lower. In Pomerania, it is about 50 percent. This year is an increase in foreign trips. Poles are more likely to go to the south of Europe. This means that arrivals throughout Poland, not only in Pomerania, are at a lower level – Łukasz Magrian from the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization.

Władysławowo - holidays 2023 under the sign of high prices

Władysławowo – holidays 2023 under the sign of high pricesTVN24

When deciding to book a hotel or guesthouse in Pomerania, we rather choose the option without meals. We eat in them, but it is not the food served by the owners of these facilities. Many tourists buy the necessary products in shops and prepare meals on their own.

Holiday in Kołobrzeg

In hotels in Kołobrzeg and Międzyzdroje, the occupancy rate in July is estimated at 65 percent. August bookings are 50-60% occupancy. Tourists come less frequently and for shorter periods. They mainly use apartments with a kitchen, so that they can prepare their own meals. They also don’t book trips in advance just overnight.

Entrepreneurs from Kołobrzeg admit that they had to raise prices by at least 15 percent. They explain this not so much by the desire to earn money as by the high cost of living.

How much will we pay for a holiday in Kołobrzeg?

How much will we pay for a holiday in Kołobrzeg? TVN24

– Since July 14, we have been experiencing a booking boom. First of all, we observe a short booking window. People are looking for a shorter offer. prices have gone up, inflation it is noticeable to everyone. As entrepreneurs, we receive higher invoices, fixed costs, we have to pay higher salaries to employees, which unfortunately translated into an increase in inflation – says Jarosław Witkowski, director of the New Skanpol hotel in Kołobrzeg.

Outbound tourism reigns supreme

Katarzyna Turosińska from the Polish Chamber of Tourism notes that Polish tourists are starting to shorten their stay. He searches for cheaper accommodation and, as before, he used to spend 2 weeks with the whole family, now he limits his vacation to 5-7 days. – In addition, parents only send their children to colonies or camps. Outbound tourism is beginning to reign in Poland. We prefer to go abroad for a similar amount, avoiding well-known Polish resorts – he explains.

As Turosińska adds, this season Poles generally limit themselves to one long-awaited trip. – Of course, there are people who can afford more frequent trips, but shorter ones. Then the financial amounts are distributed, we also have the opportunity to enjoy holidays more often and visit more places – he admits.

In her opinion, a good solution is to package tourist services. – When we come to a given facility, apart from accommodation and meals, we have additional attractions – child care or various discounts. This is an interesting offer, because if we booked such a stay ourselves, it would be about 20-30 percent more expensive, and in this way we gain on packaging – sums up Katarzyna Turosińska.

How much will we pay for a holiday in Zakopane?

How much will we pay for a holiday in Zakopane?TVN24

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