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Zakrzówek. They were patrolling the village when two ponies ran out in front of the police car

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Police officers from Krasnik’s riot police were driving through Zakrzówek (Lubelskie Province) when they came across two galloping ponies. The animals headed for the expressway. The owner of the ponies was surprised that they were not in the pen.

The police from Kraśnik who patrolled the village of Zakrzówek on Sunday morning (May 29) in the morning will surely remember this day for a long time. Suddenly two ponies ran out in front of the police car. The animals galloped along the street and on the pavement – says junior aspirant Paweł Cieliczko from the County Police Headquarters in Kraśnik.

Ponies ran out of the car’s hoodLublin Police

They took us to a nearby property and determined the owner

The animals headed towards the expressway. The uniforms cut their way and took them safely to a nearby property.

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The policemen cut their wayLublin Police

– They also established the owner of the ponies. The man was surprised by the absence of animals, because, as he claimed, he secured them from escaping – the policewoman points out.

They ended up in their homestead

The uniforms helped guide the unruly ponies to their pen. The owner was instructed to take better care of the animals in the future.

Later, the ponies were escorted back to their penLublin Police

It happened in the village of Zakrzówek in Kraśnik County

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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