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Załęcze. The man met a boa constrictor in the forest

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He was walking in the woods in Załęcze (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) and came across a snake. The man immediately informed the services about the unusual meeting. It turned out that he came face to face with a boa constrictor.

Police officers from Góra (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) intervened on Sunday in a forest in Załęcze. The report was about a snake that a man found. – A police patrol was immediately sent to the scene, which indeed confirmed the report. It was a surprise that a boa constrictor went for a “walk” in the forest – said the press officer of the subcommittee. Ariel Bujak.

Officers secured the hose and reported the incident to the Emergency Management Center. – While finding a permanent home for the pet or finding its owner, the boa was placed in the care of a retired policeman who has been running a pet shop in the area for years. Mountain enthusiast of animals created a temporary home for the snake – Bujak pointed out.


The man who found the snake asked the police for helpLower Silesian Police

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The policemen from Góra explain the circumstances

Officers explain how a boa constrictor ended up in the woods near Góra and Rawicz. They also determine who may own it. – Remember that breeding exotic animals is regulated by relevant regulations. It is also worth remembering that the owner of the animal is responsible for them and is obliged not only to provide him with good living conditions, but also to properly protect them against getting out. The breeding of exotic animals should not be a momentary whim, but a carefully thought-out decision – adds the officer.

The man stood face to face with the dangerous snakeLower Silesian Police

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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