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Zalesie Gorne. Leg stuck in drain. The boy was under the water for several minutes. Complaints against the architect

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The boy was using the swimming pool in the water park in Zalesie Górne, when he suddenly disappeared under water. According to witnesses, his leg got stuck in the drain. Resuscitation of the 11-year-old saved his life. Less than a year after the accident, the prosecutor’s office filed charges against the manager of the facility. But, as we have just learned, there will be one more person in the dock.

The accident at the water park occurred in August 2020. An 11-year-old’s leg got stuck in a hole. For several minutes, the boy was trapped under the water. They managed to get him out, and then he was transported to one of the hospitals in Warsaw.

Pool manager with allegations

The case was taken up by the prosecutor’s office and an investigation was launched. Ultimately, as we have established, two people will sit in the dock.

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The first is the pool manager. “Rafał K. is accused of using in July 2020 in the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate in Piaseczno as authentic forged documents of the as-built inventory of the reconstruction of the recreational swimming pool with technical infrastructure and the construction of elements of small architecture on the plot in Zalesie Górne, including the statement of July 15 2020, designer Jacek K., that the sanitary installations were made in accordance with the construction art and the Construction Law, i.e. for an act under Article 270 § 1 of the Penal Code” – Mirosława Chyr, spokeswoman for the District Court in Warsaw informed us.

But that’s not the only complaint the pool manager will face. As Mirosława Chyr added, he is also accused of “failure to ensure the safe use of the facility on August 22, 2020”. It is about the lack of proper protection of the pipe, which was supposed to expose “all persons using the pool to the risk of loss of life or serious damage to health”, including 11-year-old Janek.

An architect is also on the dock

The second defendant in the case, this is a novelty, is an architect. “Jerzy E. was accused of forging the document of the post-completion inventory of the reconstruction of the recreational swimming pool with technical infrastructure and the construction of small architecture elements by producing a document and forging the signatures of the designer Jacek K., that is, for an act under Article 270 § 1 of the Penal Code” – reported Mirosława Chyr .

In relation to Jerzy E., the prosecutor attached to the indictment a motion to issue a conviction without holding a hearing and to impose a penalty agreed with the accused.

The date of the hearing in the case of the property manager has not yet been set. “The defender of the accused, Rafał K., submitted a request to transfer the case to the prosecutor in order to supplement the preparatory proceedings” – explained Mirosława Chyr. A hearing on the matter will be held at the end of July.

Witness: several people tried to pull him out

The children had fun in the 1.4 meter deep pool. Suddenly one of the boys found himself under water. Mr. Jarosław, one of the witnesses of the event, informed the editors of Kontakt 24 about the case. As he reported, people who were resting in the water park at that time tried to help the boy get his leg out.

– The boy had fun like many people in this place. At one point, it literally sucked him under the water. – A woman raised the alarm. Five, maybe seven people were holding this boy and trying to pull him out. I started screaming for someone to give me a tube,” the man added.

According to him, the action of freeing the boy lasted about five minutes. But a rescuer who participated in the operation and spoke to a TVN24 reporter claimed that help came within 30 seconds, and it took about 1.5-2 minutes to free the boy’s jammed leg. He also said that witnesses who were in the water did not facilitate the operation. Eventually, resuscitation was successful and the boy regained consciousness.

Owner: It was an unfortunate accident

Shortly after the rescue operation, the fire brigade ordered the closure of the part of the pool where the accident occurred. Some time later, the owner decided to completely shut down the facility.

– During the inspection, the State Building Supervision Inspectorate found no faults – defended the owner of the water park in Zalesie Górne (who wished to remain anonymous). – It was an unfortunate accident. The pipe into which the boy’s leg entered was not a suction pipe, he emphasized.

Author:Klaudia Ziolkowska

Main photo source: Contact 24

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