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Zambrow, Wyszkow. The trial of a priest accused of molesting a minor boy has begun

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The trial of Father Łukasz R. has started before the District Court in Wyszków. for sexual harassment of a boy under the age of 15. He served as a priest in Mazovia and Podlasie, he was also a guardian of scouts. He was brought from jail to the trial.

The trial of the priest started on Monday (January 30) before the District Court in Wyszków. The main allegation that Łukasz R. heard was sexual harassment of a boy under the age of 15. R. is also responsible for other acts. – Recording pornographic content and presenting it to a minor, as well as having content containing the image of a minor participating in sexual activity – reported TVN24 reporter Jan Piotrowski.

R. was brought to the court from custody.

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Janusz Sęk, the defender of the accused priest, said that his client did not admit to the “main allegation” made by the prosecutor’s office. “We can consider this as slander of the victim,” he said. And he added: – Everything is ahead of us. We have questioned the suspect, the next dates are set, witnesses will be questioned, including the victim.

He was the commander of the troup, the guardian of the scout team

Father Łukasz R. served as a priest in Zambrów. He was involved in the life of the local community. During the pandemic, he helped shopping for seniors.

In 2018, he founded a youth scout team. For the next few years, as the commander of the troop and the team’s guardian, he went on trips with the children. In 2021, the curia received a report about molesting a boy. Scouts described what was happening at the presbytery. “A friend once went to him for a certificate, and he opened it in a dressing gown, with gel in his hand. He said that he was giving the boy a massage,” recalled one of the scouts in the material of “Fakty” TVN.

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Having been notified of the case, the curia reported the matter further. As Father Jan Krupka from the diocesan curia in Łomża reported at the time, “these procedures were launched that result from the provisions of church law, and at the same time the prosecutor’s office was notified.”

In 2021, the prosecutor’s office charged Łukasz R. with sexual crimes committed to the detriment of a minor under the age of 15. The Curia was to prohibit the priest from further pastoral work with children. Despite the fact, as the reporter of “Fakty” TVN, Katarzyna Górniak, established at that time, the priest was supposed to take part in public celebrations of the National Independence Day and in the mass, for which he was to be “additionally admonished” and “disciplined to comply with what was commanded him.”

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Main photo source: TVN24

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