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Zamosc. Attack on the building of the Sanepid and the vaccination point. Doctor Magda Wiśniewska and doctor Rafał Cudnik comment

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On Sunday night in Zamość, an unknown perpetrator set fire to the Sanepid building and the vaccination point. The police are looking for him, they published the surveillance footage. Doctors commented on the incident in “Fakty po Faktach”. Doctor Magda Wiśniewska admitted that “we expected various acts of vandalism, but it would never have occurred to me that such an escalation would take place”. Rafał Cudnik confirmed that “we passed the border somewhere”.


Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during Monday’s briefing on increasing safety on Polish roads that “that night (from Sunday to Monday – ed.) a very bandit act in Zamość, where the perpetrator set fire to the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and attacked, set fire to a vaccination point. ”

This situation was discussed in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24, doctor of medical sciences Magda Wiśniewska, head of the Temporary Hospital in Szczecin, responsible for the medical part there, and Rafał Cudnik, medical director of the St. Wojciech Hospital in Gdańsk.

Doctor about attacks on vaccination points: the finger is reached for the whole arm

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Doctor Wiśniewska admitted that such events “would not have occurred to her”. – We expected various acts of vandalism, but it would never have occurred to me that there would be such an escalation of the conflict, terror, banditry, because we cannot name it otherwise – she said.

– We missed a bit as a society and, above all, the rulers, the signals that came before. Because you cannot allow or allow any undermining of the rationale behind vaccines. It was the first step, she said.

– The finger is reached for the entire arm. This is total infatuation. All employees of vaccination centers and health care facilities may feel really threatened and may feel insecure at work – she emphasized.

Needless to say a clear and firm “stop”

The doctor also said what reaction she expects from the rulers. “First of all, I expect the protection of health workers, vaccination points, sanpeid,” she said.

– I expect decisive action, because in a moment it may turn out that there will be an attack or arson at the point where there will be employees and, God forbid, there will be patients and children – she pointed out. – At this point it is necessary to say a clear and firm “stop”, I hope that we will see very decisive moves on the part of the rulers – added Dr. Wiśniewska.

Dr. Wiśniewska on attacks on vaccination points: the finger is reached for the whole armTVN24

Doctor: We already have these worst-case scenarios fulfilled

Rafał Cudnik, referring to these events, stated that “we have crossed the border somewhere”.

He reminded that the scale of the escalation of social emotions began with the consent to preach anti-vaccine theses. – Somewhere on social media, somewhere individual interviews, then it grew stronger. Let me remind you that at the climax of the vaccine campaign, there were cases where anti-vaccination movements specifically blocked places, and then people did not report, blocking places for people who wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible – he noted.

– A few days ago, our vaccination points, including the point that I manage, received information that attacks on these vaccination points are possible, the district officials said. And today we have the fulfillment of the worst scenarios – admitted the doctor.

Dr. Rafał Cudnik: We have crossed the border somewhereTVN24

Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło / PAP

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