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Zamość. Mayor of Zamość accused of giving false testimony

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– I’m absolutely innocent. This situation is completely abstract and surreal, said the president of Zamość, Andrzej Wnuk, who was accused by the prosecutor’s office of giving false testimony. The case concerns a conflict between the mayor and one of the city councillors.

Spokesperson for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Siedlce, prosecutor Krystyna Gołąbek informed PAP that an indictment against the president of Zamość had been filed with the District Court in Zamość.

Two allegations against the president of Zamość

The communiqué shows that Andrzej Wnuk (he agreed to give his full name and the publication of his image) was accused of twice testifying before the court as a witness and concealing the truth “as to the circumstances and date of possession of the flash drive and the date of recording of this video recording in a situation where the recording was made from a recording device placed in the car used by the accused”.

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It’s about the testimony given by Wnuk in the Zamość court in the trial he brought against one of the Zamość councillors.

Andrzej Wnuk, mayor of ZamośćWojtek Jargiło/PAP

The second allegation – according to the spokesman – concerns the creation of false evidence in the form of entries in the book of correspondence of the Zamość City Hall on July 19, 2016 and audio-video recordings.

Mayor of Zamość: I am absolutely innocent

“I am absolutely innocent. This situation is completely abstract and surreal. I received this recording and I will try to prove it in court. Everything is based on circumstantial evidence, and evidence favorable to me is omitted by the prosecutor’s office,” Andrzej Wnuk told PAP on Wednesday. .

Conflict between the president and the councillor

The case dates back to the events of 2016, when the Zamość City Council was supposed to discuss the deprivation of the mandate of one of the councillors. The point was that he was supposed to be a resident not of Zamość, but of the nearby Sitaniec, as evidenced by the video recording. The councilor claimed that this was not true, and the recording showing him and his family in front of the property in Sitaniec was made secretly by Mayor Wnuk with a car camera. The president denied this, claiming that he received the recording from another, unknown person and gave it to the chairman of the council.

The court acquitted the councilor

The case went to court, the mayor accused the councilor of defamation. In July 2018, the court acquitted the councilor, finding that his statements were true. The representative of the councilor filed a notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding the submission of false testimonies by the mayor. The investigation was conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Siedlce.

Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

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