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Zamość. The police arrested a man who robbed women resting by the water

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Police officers detained a 45-year-old man who robbed sunbathers resting by the lagoon in Zamość (Lubelskie Voivodeship). The perpetrator took advantage of the moment when the women went to bathe and left branded bags with contents unattended. The thief fell prey to phone, wallet, glasses and headphones. The man has already been charged with the theft and faces up to five years in prison.

The incident took place on Saturday (June 8) in the afternoon. The duty officer of the Zamość police received a report that there had been a theft over the city lagoon.

Uniforms learned from two injured young women that they were staying at the lagoon. They decided to go into the water, left their bags on the sunbeds. After about 20 minutes, they came back from the bath and noticed that someone had taken their things.

Zamość. He stole two branded bags with contents

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– The 25-year-old woman lost PLN 120, documents, an ATM card, keys to the car and apartment, a purse worth PLN 3.5 thousand, glasses, a branded wallet and accessories and clothes of her several-year-old child – informs staff assistant Dorota Krukowska-Bubiło, press officer of the Komenda of the Municipal Police in Zamość.

As the uniformed officer added, her friend, who was a year older, said that she had been stolen money, a phone worth PLN 6,000, documents, wireless headphones and a branded handbag.

– The value of the losses was estimated by the victims at a total amount of almost PLN 13,000 – reported the aspirant Krukowska-Bubiło.

Items stolen by a 45-year-old KMP in Zamość

The perpetrator was recorded by city surveillance

The policemen watched the city surveillance. As it turned out, the cameras registered a man who, taking advantage of the women’s absence, approached the sunbeds where they had left their things, took them and rode away on a bicycle. On the same day, criminals from the Zamość police station established the man’s personal details. On Sunday, a 45-year-old man from Zamość was arrested.

With a friend, he drank with money stolen from women

As determined by the uniform, he took the stolen items to a friend with whom, after the theft, they drank alcohol bought with the money he had previously stolen from women. – A 41-year-old man was also arrested for the case, in whose apartment the police found most of the stolen items, including handbags, headphones and a wallet. A mobile phone has also been recovered – informed Krukowska-Bubiło.

He heard the charges. He is sentenced to prison for theft

The 45-year-old was charged with theft on Monday. According to the police, during the interrogation, he confessed and explained the theft. Theft is punishable by up to five years in prison.

The police appeal: – While resting by the water, let’s not forget about the things we have with us. Let’s not take valuable items to the beach and the most important rule – do not leave personal belongings unattended even for a moment.

Main photo source: | TVN 24

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