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Zamosc. There is no pediatric ward in the city. The president is looking for doctors and asks for help on social media

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Since July, the only hospital pediatric ward in the city has been suspended in Zamość (Lublin Province). The management of the hospital, despite many attempts, did not manage to find doctors willing to work. The Mayor of Zamość came up with the idea of ​​saving the branch and posted an appeal for help on social media.

– Nowadays people get more knowledge from social media than from traditional advertisements. Hence, I decided to take such a step. This is an appeal of the last chance – says Andrzej Wnuk, Mayor of Zamość.

He posted a photo on his Facebook profile, in which he presents a card with the words “Can you help find a pediatric staff? Call: 602 588 477”. The entry has already been made available by 1,300 internet users.

There are no doctors, pediatrics doesn’t work

The Mayor of Zamość gives the number to the president of the hospital and asks Internet users for help in solving the problemArchive of Andrzej Wnuk

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As the president explains in the recording – also posted on Facebook – it is the only hospital pediatric ward in the city (in Zamojski Szpital Niepubliczny, i.e. a municipal limited liability company – editor’s note), which does not work due to the lack of doctors.

– We had dozens of conversations with doctors, we talked to hospital management. Unfortunately, there are no volunteers to work in this department. Maybe you know someone who could take care of our youngest citizens? – says the local government official.

The phone number that the president presents on the card belongs to the president of the hospital, Mariusz Paszko.

The search for doctors has been going on since March

– The branch was suspended at the beginning of July. The head physician and one of the doctors have retired. The third pediatric specialist chose to work in the clinic. Same as one of the residents. The second one went on a compulsory internship at the clinic, and the third went on maternity leave – says President Paszko.

He adds that the hospital started looking for doctors in March. – We posted advertisements, among others, in the press and on medical portals. We have also signed a contract with a professional company dealing in the search for medical employees. We will pay her only when this search brings results. We have also established cooperation with a foundation dealing with looking for doctors in Ukraine – Paszko enumerates.

Due to the lack of medics, the ward was suspended for several months

These treatments have so far been of no avail. – There is no secret that there is a shortage of pediatricians in Poland, especially those who would like to work in hospital wards. Those initially interested unfortunately eventually refused. For example, they said that they are already in the pre-retirement age and do not want to change jobs or that they would have to move to Zamość from other parts of the country. The effect is that there are still no takers. Although it must be admitted that after the president published the post on Facebook, I received a few calls – says the president.


First, the branch was suspended until the end of September, and then until the end of the year. If no one is found by then, pediatrics will have to be closed and removed from the register.

Little patients end up in hospitals in other cities

– Of course, the branch could be reopened at any time. There is no need to convince anyone that he is needed in Zamość. Especially in the era of influenza and other viral infections, as well as during an ongoing pandemic – emphasizes our interlocutor.

Currently, young patients are transported to three hospitals with which the hospital in Zamość has signed contracts. That is to the institutions in Hrubieszów, Tomaszów Lubelski and Krasnystaw.

Zamość Private Hospital is located at 1 Peowiaków Street

Main photo source: Archive of Andrzej Wnuk

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